16×2 OLED Character LCD OC162ATBBLP03NNLAB1

16×2 OLED Character LCD OC162ATBBLP03NNLAB1


Product Description

16×2 OLED Character LCD Display   |  SC# OC162ATBBLP03NNLAB1

AKA: 1602 OLED Alphanumeric LCD display
Module size: 75.0 x 31.0 mm
PMOLED, Chip on Board, 3V, No Touch Panel, SPI Interface, Operating Temp (-40C ~ 70C), RoHS Compliant. ***Available in either BLUE -or- YELLOW Emitting Colors***

PMOLED (Passive-Matrix OLED) is the most common type of OLED display for smaller displays. It is the lowest cost OLED and has a slower refresh rate, but is still idea for video and high end graphics. PMOLED refreshes entire rows and columns for a display, so fewer capacitors are needed to build the OLED.


  • Low cost pricing for quick turns
  • Low Power Requirements (well suited for battery applications)
  • Sharp contrast and wide viewing: Characters stand out with blue or yellow letters on a black background
  • Wide Temperature Range:  -40C
  • Selectable parallel interface
  • High Brightness: OLEDs do not contain a backlight



  • Mating connectors
  • Cables
  • Mounting screws
  • Demo boards
  • Development boards


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Warranty Information

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