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Replacement LCD Displays

Reliability and Support for your Replacement LCD


Has your LCD display been discontinued?

We can help you find a drop-in equivalent replacement LCD screen for almost any obsolete & discontinued LCD manufacture.

Focus Display Solutions specializes in supplying replacement LCD Displays for discontinued and obsoleted LCD Display modules.

  • Are you faced with an LCD that has reached its end-of-life?
  • Has your current LCD supplier gone out of business or stopped production of the LCD you need?

We can help and we can help TODAY. Focus Displays has over twelve years’ experience in helping customers locate equivalent Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) modules for many unobtainable, end-of Life LCD modules.

Discovering that your current LCD display manufacture has discontinued your LCD Display is never a welcome surprise. Without a drop in equivalent LCD module you may have to discontinue manufacturing or re-design your product to integrate a new LCD replacement. These can be frustrating, very expensive and time-consuming.

We specialize in locating hard-to-find and obsolete LCD displays which include RoHS compliant parts.

Drop-in equivalent LCD Displays

Our technical design staff can help you locate an equivalent LCD panel for your current product. We offer US-based LCD sample inventory and in many cases we can ship a prototype sample to you the same day.

Custom LCD Displays

If the LCD display panel replacement you require is not a standard item, you may need a custom LCD panel solution. Focus Displays is able to reverse engineer, design a replacement display and, in many cases, we can provide you answers the same day you call us.

Obsolete and Discontinued LCD Technologies

In the last few years, many LCD Display technologies have been discontinued. Focus LCDs may be able to help you integrate a newer technology that will take the place of the obsolete technology.

  • PLED (Phosphorescent organic light-emitting diode)
    • This technology has been discontinued for some time but can be replaced with a character OLED or if you need a custom size a negative mode FSTN display will work.


  • EL backlight (Electroluminescence)
    • Yes, it is still possible to still order these, although there may be a tooling fee and a Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ). EL backlights are popular due the even flow of light and the elimination of hot spots.


  • CCFL backlight. (Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamp)
    • CCFL backlight technology has been discontinued, but it is possible to design an equivalent LED version to replace your obsolete display. Solutions including converting the AC current necessary for CCFL to DC voltage necessary to drive a LED backlight.

Is your LCD supplier out of business?

Several LCD suppliers have discontinued LCD manufacturing entirely, including:

  • Seiko LCD displays
  • Standish LCD modules
  • AND LCD Displays

We are able to design and supply replacement to many of these discontinued displays.


We do not replace phone displays, laptops, computer monitors or TVs panels.

* Minimum Order quantity may apply

Replacement LCD Display Offerings

Check out our latest display line-up below.

  • Character LCD displays
  • Graphic LCD displays
  • Segmented LCD displays
  • TFT displays
  • OLED displays