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Standard Displays

Reliability and Support for Standard LCD displays

Focus Display Solutions offers an extensive selection of Standard LCD Displays. Our products include Character LCD Display modules, Monochrome Graphic Displays, Glass-only segmented displays, TFT color displays and OLED (Active Matrix [AMOLED], Passive Matrix [PMOLED], Transparent [TOLED]) color displays.

Display options include COB (chip on Board), COF (Chip on Flex), and COG (Chip on Glass). LED, EL and RGB backlight options are available.

Our experienced technical support team can assist in you choosing the best standard LCD display option for your project and we offer extensive experience in the design of custom LCD Displays.


TFT Standard LCD Displays

Focus Display’s TFT display modules provide vivid color, high contrast ratios, and various levels of Nit brightness. Our Active matrix color displays have the option of touch screen. Thin Film Transistor displays can significantly increase the appearance and value of your product.


OLED Standard LCD Displays

OLED displays offer several advantages over older LCD technology; namely low power requirement (well suited for battery applications); ultra-thin (no backlight); sharp contrast; exceptional viewing angle; fast response time and high resolution. Focus Display Solutions offers two types of OLED display technology: AMOLED and PMOLED.


Standard Character LCDs

Focus Display Solutions offers cost-effective standard LCD character modules. Standard options include LED and EL backlight, extended temperature ranges and various LCD color options.


Standard Graphic LCDs

Focus Display Solutions carries a wide range of standard LCD monochrome Graphic display modules. Dot matrix displays offer the ability to display a wide range of characters, icons and graphics to meet your product requirements. Graphic displays provide the flexibility of individual control of each pixel. Many graphic displays are available in parallel, SPI, IC2 and serial interface.


Standard Segment LCDs

Focus Display Solutions offers standard LCD segment display modules in many standard configurations. Standard Segment (Static) types of displays offer a wide range of additional options.  We offer 7 segment, 14 segment, and 16 segment varieties.