FSC Displays

The first thing your customers looks at on your product is the LCD you choose.

Do your customers see a black and white display? Or a multi-color module with the added benefits of:  sharp contrast, high brightness and wide viewing angle.

Until recently, your choice of a color displays was limited to standard off-the-shelf TFT or OLEDs. If you required a unique size of glass, the tooling cost and minimum order quantities were too prohibitive for most companies.

Introducing Custom FSC modules

Now FSCs (Field Sequential Color) displays which offer a: bright, high-contrast, eight-color custom LCD module; can replace older monochrome displays at a fraction of the tooling cost necessary for TFTs.

Field Sequential Displays implement an RGB backlight display technology producing a display with brilliant, bright colors at a fraction of the cost of a custom TFT (thin-film transistor). This is done without the use of filters and allows for a white or black background that is sharper than possible for older FSTN technology.

Benefits of a custom color FSC display

  • Low cost to customize
    • Tooling cost (NRE) for a custom FSC displays are an estimated 2% of the cost required for a custom TFT.
  • Low minimum order quantities
    • FSCs can be built in batches of 500 compared to TFTs which require a MOQ (Minimum Order Quantities) of 20,00 to 50,000 displays per build.
  • Short lead time / fast delivery compared to custom TFTs
    • Prototype samples of this new color display technology can be delivered in as little as seven weeks and production quantities within seven weeks after you approve the prototypes.
  • Ultra-high contrast
    • FSC LCDs, provide one of the highest contrast ratios (300:1) available for LCD modules; compared to that of a TFT (150:1) and STN (5:1).
    • A sharp contrast is critical to make your product easy to read, an advantage you will have over your competitors.
    • Your customers will see a product with characters and icons that are sharp without the ‘fuzz’ found on older technologies.

Custom LCD design services
Focus Displays offers US-based engineering support. You do not need a great deal of experience in designing your custom display. We offer same day support that allows you to design a Field Sequential Color solution unique to your product.

How do FSC displays work

Color FSC LCD displays implement a RGB backlight technology to display brilliant bright colors. The RGB backlight is modulated by an on-board controller.  FSC’s operate without filters (which block the light, thereby dimming the display) and allows for a white or black background that is sharper than displays with a FSTN filter.

Each Pixel/segment can be changed via software (firmware) to any of the following, pre-modulated colors of: red, green, blue, yellow, cyan, purple, black and white

The module includes a built-in LED backlight and can be Positive mode or Negative mode.

Focus Display’s offers US based inventory and customer support. Contact us at: 480-503-4295 or nopp@focuslcd.com.