What is Customizable on a TFT Display?

Alt text: Smartwatch with a TFT display. Source: Unsplash For more than 50 years, LCDs have provided visual clarity for many industries. This invention has introduced a whole slew of new devices and advancements in display technology, such as Thin-Film Transistor (TFT) displays. TFT displays have changed the game with brighter and sharper images than […]

Human-Machine Interface (HMI) vs. LCD

When we talk about LCD modules, the first thing that pops up in our minds is a television. The term LCD TV is so widely recognized that people pretty much think this is what LCD technology is exclusively for. But in reality, LCD technology builds a bridge between humans and machines, not just a TV. […]

Unveiling PHOLED: The Future of Display Technology

Do you remember when large CRT displays started being replaced by LCD technology? It was during the first decade of the 21st century, and for many of us, that was the pinnacle of display technology. I mean, smart-looking slim televisions taking over the box-like heavy ones—what else could we ask for? But our expectations grew […]

LCD Technology in the Aerospace Industry

Innovation exists even in the skies. The old cathode ray tube (CRT) displays on aircraft have been replaced with sleeker and more versatile liquid crystal display (LCD) panels. When it comes to exports, the aerospace sector retains its solid position as the second largest among all manufacturing industries. Integrating LCD technology is important for its […]

What Is Customizable on a Graphic LCD?

Some applications need fully customizable LCDs. A screen that shows information with more detail and looks nicer than just basic text. This is where customizable graphic LCDs come in handy. A more meaningful user interface (UI) can increase productivity in the workplace by providing more information on the screen. And this applies across all industries. […]