Understanding the Optical Characteristics of TFT Modules

Source: Pexels Technology has come a long way over the last few decades. If we look back to the earlier days of mobile phones, laptops, and other small-screen devices, we’ll see larger pixels, screens in greyscale, and underwhelming displays. Images were known to be grainy, and these devices were more functional than visually pleasing. Nowadays, […]

The Correct LCD Viewing Angle Sets The Perceived Value Of Your Product

LCD Viewing Angles explained What you know can increase the value of your product. When your customer compares your product with your competitors, the correct choice of the LCD viewing direction makes the difference between a product that looks ‘okay’ and a product that grabs and holds your customer’s attention. If the display on our […]

Ordering Character LCDs For New Designs, Easy As 1,2,3

Character LCDs are one of the most common and low-cost display technologies for new product designs. Why? Choosing the best character display for your new design is as easy and 1,2,3,4,5. 1. Choose configuration (20×2, etc.) The configuration is the set of numbers that tell how many characters the display contains. An example of this is […]

Color LCD Display Technology Options

Which color LCD display technology is best for my application? Color LCD display technology is broken down into two categories: Monochrome (one color character and a different color background) and Multi-color. There are three main types of multi color LCD display technologies: OLED, TFT and FSC. Deciding which color LCD display technology to choose for your product depends […]

Character LCD Technology Introduction

When selecting a display module for a new product design, many engineers choose a character LCD Display for ease of integration. Also, this technology has been in use for many years and has a very low probability of being discontinued. Character modules display any letter, number and punctuation mark through the use of a built in character […]