Avoid the 2014 Chinese New Year lead-time hangover

2014 Chinese New Year increases lead time of LCD Displays.

Unlike a typical New Year’s Eve hangover that can last an entire day, the 2014 Chinese New Year hangover can last for several weeks.

So, what are some of the consequences of the Chinese New Year lead-time hangover?

Expedite fees, headaches, daily (sometimes hourly) phone calls to your LCD supplier, stress, past due MRP reports, production line down-time, missed deadlines, overtime, working on Saturdays, avoiding production meetings.

All of these can be the result of the yearly Chinese New Year lead-time hangover and if you have been in the OEM electronics industry for more than a year or two, you may have experienced the hangover.

***Avoid the stress and delay, order your LCD displays NOW.***

How does the 2014 Chinese New Year effect LCD lead times for designers and manufacturers in the US and Canada?

It catches many of them off guard when they fail to add an additional three to four weeks lead-time when placing production or sample orders.

From mid-October to the end of December, LCD lead-time increases by three to four weeks.

***Avoid the stress and delay, order your LCD displays NOW.***

Chinese Lunar New year:

As I write this journal, we are at the end of the Chinese National holiday (1 October to 7 October 2013), and just as LCD manufacturing begins to ramp up, we need to prepare for the next extended Chinese holiday: Chinese Lunar New Year (JAN./30/2014 ~ FEB./09/2014).

Chinese New Year is the big manufacturing shutdown that throws a wrench into US and Canada based production schedules requiring LCD modules.

According to the ‘travel China guide’ web site, Chinese people legally enjoy over 115 days off including 104 days of weekends and 11 days of festivals. Employees have 5 to 15 days of paid annual leave. Students and teachers have summer and winter vacations for about three months.

Also, be aware that there is still a labor shortage in China. Many North American electronic manufacturers forget to plan ahead and order their LCDs three to four weeks early.

***Avoid the stress and delay, order your LCD displays NOW.***

The solution: Between now and the end of the year, order your prototype LCD samples and production LCD Displays three to four weeks earlier.

Focus Displays offers US based LCD inventory:

We take the lead time of LCDs very seriously; one of the quickest ways for our customers to lose profit is when their manufacturing line down due to a late delivery from us. That is why in the month of October and November, we strongly encourage our customers to order their product three to four weeks early. Focus Displays will hold LCD Display inventory in the US and can ship out the same day you call.

***Avoid the stress and delay, order your LCD displays NOW.***

Focus Display Solutions offers shorter LCD lead times:

Focus Display Solutions offers a shorter lead time for LCD products by shipping all LCD glass and Display products via FedEx air

This reduces the lead time from several weeks to a few days; it also provides us the ability to know to the day when your shipment will arrive.