DesignCon – January 19-21, 2016

FocusLCDs is exhibiting at DesignCon January 19-21, 2016


Focus Display Solutions presents:

Ultra-Wide Viewing Display Technology (UWVD) LCD technology

Focus Display Solutions new design process flow allows rapid prototyping of UWVD displays. UWVD modules produce a brighter backlight, increased sharpness, multiple color display of characters/icons and a wider viewing angle than older twisted nematic technologies.

One Glass Solution (OGS) touch panel

LCD Displays with integrated capacitive touch panels have become popular on products requiring a user interface. Benefits of this interface include multi-touch gestures such as zooming and scrolling.

Side-effects of current capacitive touch panel technology include an increase in thickness of the module and a decrease in the displays brightness. Thanks to a new type of capacitive touch technology, these side effects are greatly reduced with the added advantage of a lower cost display module. More of the advantages are a thinner LCD module, increased efficiency due to the simplified design and reduction of layers, optically clear, less layers to obstruct the light, overall manufacturing costs are lower due to the reduction of components and ease of implementation

Custom LCDs

Focus Display Solutions is an Engineering based LCD company for Engineers. We have over fifteen years of experience in the Custom LCD business. We understand that the success of your product is based on our engineering support. You put a great deal of trust into a custom LCD supplier and if they let you down, you will be starting over from scratch and several weeks behind schedule.

We won’t let you down at Focus Display Solutions. You will receive same day answers, same day quotes and our technical LCD experts will return your calls and emails ASAP. The process to take your LCD idea from a concept to having prototype samples in hand is simple and requires just the few steps. Call us FIRST for a custom LCD (480) 503-4295. You will be glad you did.