How character LCD’s and strong coffee can reduce world hunger and bad hair days

Well, maybe that is a bit of a stretch. Character LCDs can help feed starving children, but when it comes to bad hair days, you‘re on your own.

Character LCDs are one of the simplest/engineer-friendly LCD technologies available for new designs.

There is no fancy-smancy graphic programing etc. Just a built-in character table making it quick to program. And since you are spending less time programing your LCD, your product gets to market sooner. And since your product gets to market sooner, you save on development cost and since you save on development cost and time, you have money and time to invest in organizations such as Feed my starving children.

Just to prove our logic is correct, Focus LCDs will donate 20% of the total order for every web-based character LCD order in the month of February (2018) to Feed my Starving Children. Heck, we will even ship for free.

So, how does coffee come into play with helping to feed starving children? Well . . . the truth is, it doesn’t but I was falling asleep while writing this and a strong dark-roast sounded good.

But come to think of it, the more coffee you drink, the faster you can design your new product, hence the more time you have to help starving children. Pretty good logic eh?

(And my grade school teachers said I showed very little promise…)