How China Labor Shortages affect MOQ on your LCD Display?

The labor shortages in Asia at the liquid crystal display factories are causing the factories to increase their MOQ. MOQ is short for minimum order quantity; this is the minimum amount of LCD products that can be ordered at one time.

A service we offer to our customers is to order the MOQ for you and then spread out your deliveries over a 12 month period. One advantage of this is that we can bring in your displays early and then ship them out to you on your schedule.

How labor shortages affect MOQs per technology

Character LCD: Character displays are also known as alphanumeric LCD displays. These are the most popular standard type of an LCD display module. As a general rule the character display manufacturers ask for 500 LCDs per order.

These include the 8×1 LCD, 8×2 LCD, 16×1 LCD, 16×2 LCD, 16×4 LCD, 20×2 LCD, 20×4 LCD, 24×2 LCD, 40×1 LCD, 40×2 LCD, and the 40×4 LCD displays.

Graphic LCD: Graphic displays are also known as monochrome LCD displays. As a general rule the graphic display manufacturers request a 500 MOQ. These include FSTN, STN and TN. The MOQ is the same for no backlight as it is for LED backlight and EL backlight.

Custom LCD: It is not uncommon to have a large minimum order for a custom LCD display module that is a replacement LCD display or to replace a discontinued LCD monochrome display.

Segment LCD: Segment displays are also known as static displays or glass displays. At this time the MOQ for most segment displays is 2,500. The factory will build as few as 1,000 at a time, but the LCD cost per display will increase.

These include all types of segment displays such as 7 (seven) segment LCD display, 14 (fourteen) segment LCD display, 16 (sixteen) segment LCD display