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Is There a Tariff on LCDs?

Is There a Tariff on LCDs?

Sep 12th 2018

The answer to this question is no. LEDs fall under the new tariffs, but not LCDs. 

So, what is Focus seeing as a result of the tariffs?

Customers may be bringing some of their manufacturing back to the US/Canada/Mexico. A large percentage of the tariffs are on products currently manufactured by our customers in the US/Canada. A few examples include scales, generators, electronic traffic signs, and medical equipment.

Products affected by tariff:

  • Aircraft tires
  • Nuclear reactors
  • Boat motors
  • Aircraft engines and engine parts
  • Air and gas compressors, which are used in various goods like refrigerators
  • Industrial heating equipment
  • Scales, mostly for weighing large industrial equipment
  • Cranes and other "lifting equipment"
  • Bulldozers, backhoes, tampers, boring machines, and other large construction vehicles
  • Oil and gas drilling platform parts
  • Plows, mowers, combine harvester-threshers, and other large agricultural vehicles
  • Dairy milkers, chicken incubators, and other livestock equipment
  • Machinery for foods processing, including meat processing and fruit processing
  • Machinery for making paper cardboard and other paper products
  • Parts of printers and copy machines
  • Machinery for processing and molding metals or cement, and their parts
  • Machinery for making glass products, including lightbulbs
  • Machinery for making rubber or plastic goods
  • Ball bearings
  • DC and AC generators of various sizes and power levels
  • Electricity transformers
  • Industrial magnets
  • Lithium batteries and other batteries
  • Industrial ovens and furnaces
  • Radar and radio equipment
  • Parts for televisions, video-recording equipment, and similar video products
  • Electronic traffics signs
  • Electrical equipment such as resistors and circuit breakers
  • LEDs
  • Trains and rail parts
  • Large vehicles using both diesel and non-diesel fuel
  • Some cars and trucks, motorcycles, helicopters, airplanes, and spacecraft
  • Microscopes and telescopes
  • Lasers
  • Imaging and navigational equipment
  • Medical equipment such as X-rays and pacemakers
  • Scientific equipment such as pressure gauges and spectrometers