LCD Turn-Key Solutions

Customer’s bring their problems; Focus LCDs brings the solution.

Not every OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) has the engineering or manufacturing resources needed to design, build and market their product. Many companies focus on marketing and development and push the manufacturing to another supplier.

Focus LCDs can help with that. We offer custom tailored, turnkey LCD solutions on products that use LCDs. If your product contains buttons, touch screens, connectors, PCBs, cables, software and a LCD, we can supply a customized display sub-system that could reduce your BOM count down from multiple items to one.

Focus will supply you one-part number and deliver these units based on your company’s individual needs. This can reduce manufacturing costs and simplify your production processes.

With just one phone call, you can reduce your overhead. Reinvest the saved funds into advertising or product development. Better yet- take a cruise. Either way, you’ll have a simplified inventory and less headaches.

Focus’s tailored turnkey LCD module integrated solutions benefit your product by:Reducing BOM inventoryReducing excess and/or dead inventoryEliminating several manufacturing stepsProviding a customizable display sub-system