8×1 STN Character LCD C81CLBSBSW6WN55XAA

8×1 STN Character LCD C81CLBSBSW6WN55XAA


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8x1 Character LCD Display   |  SC# C81CLBSBSW6WN55XAA

AKA: 0801 Alphanumeric Displays
Module size: 84.0 x 44.0 mm

STN Blue background with White edge LED backlight, bottom (or 6:00) viewing angle. This 8x1 LCD has a wide temperature range: -20° Celcius to +70° Celcius which equates to (-4° Fahrenheit to +158° Fahrenheit), Transmissive (negative), 5V LCD, 5V LED, RoHS Compliant.

STN (super twisted nematic) provides a sharper image and wider viewing angle than TN (Twisted Nematic). The cost for STN if approximately 5% higher than TN. STN is an ideal fluid for outdoor products that need to be read at various angles.  The Transmissive polarizer is best used for displays that run with the backlight on all the time. This polarizer provides the brightest backlight possible. When you have a need for a bright backlight with lower power drain, transmissive is a good choice.


  • Low cost
  • Full documentation available for immediate integration
  • Compact LCD display size great for smaller devices
  • Wide viewing angle
  • Selectable parallel interface
  • Very versatile with 8 scrolling letters, numbers or punctuation available
  • Cobalt blue color & bright energy saving backlight
  • Small size footprint



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