VATN Displays

VATN is short for Verticle Align Twisted Nematic displays.


VATN Displays (Vertical Align Twisted Nematic), also known as BTN (Black Twisted Nematic) or Vertical Alignment LCDs (VA) is a new LCD technology that provides benefits not available with older display technologies.

Advantages of VATN include:

Bright and easy to read at a distance

Great for products that need to be read quickly and easily from a long distance. VATN characters and icons are sharp and bright for easy recognition.
The custom VATN is built to the size of glass you need and with any segment/icons requested.

An extra bright backlight  is possible for use of products that operate in direct sun light.

The advanced polarizer removes bright spots (hot spots) that were common on older display technology.

Very wide viewing angle

This display technology allows the user (your customer) to read this whether they are standing to the far-right or far-left of your product. Or looking down on the display or looking up to read the LCD. This can be critical in medical and industrial applications.


Ultra-high contrast

VATNs provide one of the highest contrast ratios (150:1) available for LCD modules. The edges of the characters and ICONs are sharp, with no ‘fuzz’ between the brightly colored segment and the dark black background.

Operating temperature range of -30C to 80C

The twisted nematic fluid used in VATN displays, allows your product to operate in temperatures as low as -30C without the need of a heater and with very little delay in performance. -30C (degrees) is the operating temperature, not the storage temperature. Allowing the display to be safely stored at colder temperatures.

This extended temperature range is necessary and sometimes critical for products that operate outdoors in environments ranging from the cold of a North Dakota winter to the heat of a Phoenix summer.

Plus, we are able to add heaters to the unit, allowing it to operate at an even colder temperatures.

Choice of colors

The displays background is a true black that no other LCD technology can offer.

You choose the color of the characters and icons. There is NO added cost or lead time required to build your displays with any of the following colors:
Red LED, Green LED, Yellow LED, White LED, Orange LED, Yellow/Green LED, Blue LED and any other LCD color you require to make your product stand out. RGB (Red/Green/Blue) LED backlight is also available.

Low cost to customize

The low cost required to customize VATN technology allows you to choose the size, brightness, interface (SPI,I2C or parallel) and your choice of letters, numbers and icons.

Focus’ custom LCD policy is simple. Just one low-cost tooling investment provides you with samples, expedited delivery, support and help with design suggestions.

VATN products are less expensive than In-Plane Switching

The twisted nematic technology used to manufacture VATNs, allows the display to offer a sharp contrast similar to the IPS, but at a fraction of the tooling and unit cost.

True Black Display

The Vertical Alignment display is an LCD display technology where the liquid crystals align vertically when the voltage is zero. This creates a truly black display. The crystals change alignment and rotate to allow light to pass through when voltage is applied.  The greater the angle of the tilt, the more light is allowed to pass through.

For more information

Contact US-based technical support to find out more at: 480-503-4295 or We support you from concept to full production.