Working with the E43RB1-FW405-C MIPI Display (Part 1)

Application Note FAN4221Download This series of application notes will discuss the hardware and software requirements of driving the E43RB1-FW405-C MIPI DSI TFT Display with an STM32H747I-DISCO microcontroller board from ST Microelectronics. Driving a MIPI DSI display with a microcontroller presents a few challenges. The STM32H747 has the required bandwidth and I/O pins but lacks enough […]

Driving Multiplexed Segment LCDs SDAF102NCRN01

Driving a segment LCD using multiplexing reduces the number of pins required to turn on or off the segments of a display. This application note discusses what a segment display is and the driving method in detail. The SDAF102NCRN01, a 3V, 7-segment custom LCD is used as an example. 1. Segment Liquid Crystal Displays Segment LCDs are constructed using […]

How to Scroll Text on a Character Display

In this application note, we will discuss how to scroll text on a character display using the Arduino Uno (Rev 3). A simple demonstration featuring the C164AXBSYLY6WT 16×4 character display module is provided as an example. 1. Introduction With the growing popularity of easy-to-use hardware such as the Arduino1 or Raspberry Pi2, it is easier to […]

Characters and Fonts on a Graphic LCD

In this application note we will discuss how to power and print text in different fonts on a 122×32 graphic display. This LCD is graphical which means it can display pixels as well as characters. The graphic display chosen in this project has a white LED backlight and will display dark gray pixels with a […]

Connecting External Capacitors to a Graphic LCD

In this application note we will discuss how to power a graphic LCD that requires external capacitors to boost the voltage required for this display. Some graphic displays will need to be connected to external capacitors while some have the capacitors built into their internal hardware. The capacitors are used for a DC/DC voltage converter […]