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About Us

About Focus LCDs

Who is Focus LCDs?

Focus Display Solutions, Inc. ( also known as Focus LCDs ) is a US-based company headquartered in Chandler, Arizona. We supply standard LCD modules and custom built LCD modules. They are custom engineered to meet your needs. We sell to OEM’s only. We design and support a wide range of LCDs and related products: TFT display modules, LCD heaters, OLED display modules, STN/TN/FSTN/VATN displays, LCD touch screens, custom electronic assemblies, user interface solutions, and custom LCD modules. We also offer US-based engineering and technical support, including product specification, design, manufacturing services, and delivery. Aside from our standard line of displays, our primary focus is the design of custom LCD product solutions for OEM customers. Our staff understands the necessity of quick, knowledgeable engineering support, which is why we provide technical assistance from concept to final production.

Focus LCDs and How We Do Business

Here are some key benefits why OEM’s choose Focus Display Solutions (aka: Focus LCDs )

  1. Service: We make every effort to answer the phone on the first ring and return all emails within one business day. Manufactures benefit from our US-based technical and engineering support.
  2. Reduced Lead-time: Very short lead-time since we ship all products from our manufacturing facility to our domestic warehouse in Chandler, AZ via FedEx Air, not boat. The results? Reduced time to market. Product delivery is reduced from weeks to days.
  3. Successful Solutions: Our sales staff takes pride in our customer’s design and work with you to provide successful solutions.
  4. Continuous company training: We stay abreast of new LCD technologies and technical enhancements in current technologies.

Staying Current With New LCD Module Technology

LCD technology is in a constant stage of change. We pride ourselves on staying current with new display technology. Technical journal resources we reference include:

Focus LCDs Core Values

  1. Honor God by testing every policy, method, and act by answering the following question: Does it square with what is right and just?
  2. Employees are number one; customers are number two. If we take exceptional care of our employees they will take exceptional care of our customers.
  3. Strive continually to listen to and thoroughly understand the needs of our associates and customers.
  4. Serve our customers to the best of our ability to ensure customer satisfaction.
  5. Do everything in our power to pack the customer’s dollar full of value, quality and satisfaction.
  6. Improve our quality of service through frequent and continued training.
  7. Support organizations that help other people.

Looking for standard LCD products or custom LCD solutions? We have the manufacturing expertise & capabilities to suit your needs! Get a free quote now! 480-503-4295