Recommended Mounting Guide for Character LCDs

The holes in the PCB are used to affix the LCM as shown in the below diagram. Refer to the following points when mounting the LCM.

  1. Cover the surface with a transparent protective plate to protect the polarizer and LC cell.
  2. When assembling the LCM into other equipment, the spacer between the LCM and the fitting plate should have enough height to avoid causing stress to the module surface. Refer to the individual specifications for measurements. The measurement tolerance should be ± 0.1mm.
  3. Since the LCM has been assembled and adjusted with a high degree of precision, avoid applying excessive pressure to the module or making any alterations / modifications to it.

Important Notes

  • Do not alter, modify or change the shape of the tab on the metal frame.
  • Do not make extra holes on the printed circuit board, modify its shape, or change the positions of components in order to mount the LCM.
  • Do not damage or modify the pattern writing on the PCB.
  • Absolutely do not modify the zebra rubber strip (conductive rubber) or heat seal connector.
  • Except for soldering the interface, do not make any alterations or modifications with a soldering iron.
  • Do not drop, bend or twist the LCM.
  • In order to avoid the cracking of the FPC, pay attention to the bending area of the FPC (R50mm), the edge of the protective cover, the area of surface of Ni-Au plating, the area of soldering, and the through hole pin area.


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Designer represents that, with respect to their applications, Designer has all the necessary expertise to create and implement safeguards that:

(1)     anticipate dangerous consequences of failures

(2)     monitor failures and their consequences, and

(3)     lessen the likelihood of failures that might cause harm and take appropriate actions.

Designer agrees that prior to using or distributing any applications that include FocusLCDs products, Designer will thoroughly test such applications and the functionality of such FocusLCDs products as used in such applications.