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Application Notes


FAN1201 - Driving Multiplexed Segment LCDs SDAF102NCRN01

FAN2201 - How to Scroll Text on a Character Display

FAN3201 - Characters and Fonts on a Graphic LCD

FAN3202 - Connecting External Capacitors to a Graphic LCD

FAN3203 - Using External Power Supply for Graphic LCDs

FAN3204 - Transflective Graphic LCDs

FAN3205 - Graphic LCD: Display Icons in RAM

FAN3206 - Upgrading Your Graphic LCD to a TFT

FAN4201 - Drawing Bitmaps on E43RG34827LW2M300-R 

FAN4202 - Configuring TFT LCD Screen Resolution with a Raspberry Pi (part 1/2 for FAN4203)

FAN4203 - Calibrating TFT LCD Touch Screens (part 2/2 for FAN4202)

FAN4204 - 1.8” TFT and TI MSP-EXP432P401R Microcontroller

FAN4205 - Storing 65k Color Bitmaps in Flash Memory: TFT and ST Nucleo-L476RG (part 1/2 for FAN4205)

FAN4206 - 4-Wire Resistive Touch Screen Push Button: TFT and ST Nucleo-L476RG (part 2/2 for FAN4205)

FAN4207 - Transflective Displays

FAN4208 - Focus LCDs Sunlight Readable TFTs

FAN4209 - Transflective TFT's for Battery Conservation

FAN4210 - Comparing Transflective and Sunlight Readable Displays

FAN4211 - Backlight Control Using TFT HDMI Modules

FAN4212 - RGB Interface with Arduino Due

FAN4213 - 3 Wire SPI + Parallel RGB Interface

FAN4214 - Initializing MIPI DSI Displays in Command Mode

FAN4215 - MIPI DSI Video Mode

FAN4216 - Hardware Interfacing the MIPI DSI port on Raspberry Pi

FAN4217 - 10.4" Bar Shaped TFT LCD

FAN4218 - Landscape and Portrait Modes for TFT Displays 

FAN4219 - Working with the E70GE1-RW820-N (Part 1/2)

FAN4220 - Working with the E70GE1-RW820-N (Part 2/2)

FAN9201 - Adjusting the Contrast of an LCD Module  

FAN9202 - Why Temperature Compensation is Needed for LCDs

FAN9203 - Dimming the Backlight Using PWM 

FAN9204 - Raspberry Pi Configuration Modes - CEA vs. DMT

FAN9205 - Display Viewing Angles