custom-lcdsDesigning your Custom LCD display modules

Focus Display Solutions ( has supported customers with custom LCD display modules from automotive, medical and test equipment to industrial applications. Whether your design need is a small LCD Glass display, or a fully customized LCD Module, our experienced technical customer support can assist you in designing your custom LCD display.

The process begins with you supplying your dimensions and segment content. We will then advise on the most cost-effective overall size and design. This includes the need for a power budget or low current draw LCD display.  Our team will work with you to design the optimum custom LCD displays for your projects. Design considerations for your customized LCD display will include the type of interface, backlight options, power budget, space constraints, touch panel options and half-life considerations.

Custom LCD Display modules is a standard business practice for us. From the very simple modifications of an existing display panel to complete new product designs, we welcome your request.

When you need a custom LCD, you need the support to make sure it will work for your application, and you need it right away. A delay from your LCD supplier could delay your product release. We have over fifteen years of experience in the Custom LCD business.

The process to take your LCD idea from a concept to having prototype samples in hand is simple and requires just the few steps listed below.

Below is a Visio flow chart “process-flow & timeline” explaining the steps from concept to production.


Lead time for Custom LCDs

In many cases FocusLCDs’ lead time for custom LCD samples is as little as six to seven weeks after you approve our counter drawings and data sheet.  This lead time increases by four to six weeks between November to early February due to Chinese New year.

DESIGN Your Custom Display TODAY


Custom LCD technologies

Focus Display Solutions offers several LCD technologies. The majority of these displays can be customized to fit your need. Below is a short introduction to each type of LCD.

Custom LCDs: UWVD Technology

UWVD (Ultra-Wide Viewing Display) allows the user to design and build a custom negative-mode display with no hot spots and a wide viewing area. These displays can be manufactured as a character or segment type module.


Custom LCDs: GRAPHIC Technology

Custom Monochrome Graphic display modules are available with many customizable options and come with either Serial or Parallel interface. Call us to quickly outline your requirements, shorten the design cycle time, and identify ways to reduce your cost.


Custom LCDs: FSC LCD Technology

FSC displays (Field Sequential Color) is a new custom color display product that allows an icon or seven-segment display to become any of seven different colors. The colors are changed through the customer’s software (firmware).


Custom LCDs: SEGMENT LCD Technology

Custom Segmented displays (aka: Static LCDs) are the lowest cost custom LCD technology available. Many people think that a segment display is only available with seven or fourteen segment options, but any number of icons can be added to the glass for the same NRE cost.


Custom LCDs: CHARACTER LCD Technology

Character LCD Displays are the most popular type of technology that Focus Displays offers. These displays, aka alphanumeric displays, can display any letter, number and punctuation mark in the English language. It is possible to order character modules to display in other languages including a Chinese font.


Custom LCDs: EBT LCD Technology

EBT (Excellent Black Technology) displays provide a true black background color with a sharp contrast ratio. This technology has also been referred to as BATN (Black Back ground, Twisted Nematic) or jet black display.  All EBT displays are custom.


Custom LCDs: Touch Panel Displays

Resistive and capacitive touch panels are the most popular, although OGS (One Glass Solution) is growing in popularity, but has not reach mainstream quantities.


Backlight for Custom LCDs

The majority of LCD Displays include some type of backlight. TFT and OLEDs do not require a backlight since they are illuminated by a different method. The other display technologies may require a backlight if the display will operate in darkness or low light.
There are times when a customer’s LCD is working, but the backlight has burned out. Focus is able to reverse engineer the old backlight and supply an equivalent.

Custom LCD technology to avoid

The two fastest growing LCD technologies are poor candidates for customization: TFTs (Thin Film Transistor) and OLEDs (Organic Light-Emitting Diode).  One reason for this is the supply and demand curve. There is a huge demand for TFTs and an even bigger demand for OLEDs thanks to cell phones and eCig’s. Also, there are very few manufactures of OLEDs. So they really don’t want to stop their production line to build a display that will only be used by one customer.

The results are that: NRE cost is very expensive and the MOQs are high and growing higher. If you need a unique, non-standard display, steer clear of these two.

If you need a full color display, Focus offers a wide range of TFTs and OLEDs that are in stock and can ship the same day.

Q and A:

We have combined the most popular Q and A for custom LCDs. If you do not find a question that addresses your design needs. Feel free to contact a LCD technician today at 480-503-4295.

Q: When I pay the tooling fee, do I own the design or can you sell my custom LCD design to anyone else?

A: Once you pay the tooling cost, you own the design. We will not sell it to anyone else without your permission. Many customers design their own LCD, but have them shipped to a CM (contract manufacture) for the manufacturing of their product. We will require an email from the customer allowing us to sell this display to the CM.


Q: What do I receive for my tooling cost?

A: Included with your tooling fee is:

  • US based technical support
  • No-cost prototype samples
    • Sample quantities vary depending on the LCD technologies and additional samples can be purchased.
  • Counter drawings.
    • Data sheets that show pinout, mechanical dimensions, and electrical characteristics.


Q: What do I need to send Focus to quote on my custom LCDs?

A: Below is a list of information needed in order to quote quickly.

  • Estimated quantity
  • Drawing/sketch. The drawing can be in the following formats:
    • Cad
    • Word
    • PDF
    • Hand drawing


Q: What is the lead time for LCD samples?

A: Lead times have increased due to labor shortages in China. At the current time, we are able to supply prototype samples in seven to nine weeks after the customer has approved and signed the counter drawing.

Note: this lead time increases by four to six weeks between October and January due to Chinese New Year.

Design your custom LCD today

Call Focus Displays first. We design and support a wide range of custom LCDs including Color LCD displays, OLED Display Modules, LCD Heaters, STN/TN/FSTN/VATN Displays, and Touch Panels. We also offer US-based engineering and technical support including product specification, design, manufacturing services and delivery. Although we provide quality in-stock standard LCD displays, our primary focus is the design of custom LCD product solutions for OEM customers. Our staff understands the necessity of quick, knowledgeable engineering support. We provide technical assistance from concept to final production.

Below is a partial list of Industry journals Focus Display Solutions has been featured in the following journals.

Custom LCDs ~ Why OEMs work with Focus

  1. Cost-effective solutions
  2. Reliability
  3. Service: We make every effort to answer the phone on the first ring and return all emails that day.
  4. Reduced Lead-time: Very short lead time since we ship all products from the factory to Chandler, AZ via FedEx air not boat. The results? Reduced time to market. Product delivery is reduced from weeks to days.
  5. Manufactures benefit from our US-based Technical support.
  6. Our sales staff takes pride in our customers’ designs. Your success is our success.
  7. Continuous company training on new technologies for custom LCDs.