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Custom Displays

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Designing your Custom LCD display modules

Focus Display Solutions ( has supported customers with custom LCD display modules from automotive, medical and test equipment to industrial applications. Whether your design need is a small LCD Glass display, or a fully customized LCD Module, our experienced technical customer support can assist you in designing your custom LCD display.

The process begins with you supplying your dimensions and segment content. We will then advise on the most cost-effective overall size and design. This includes the need for a power budget or low current draw LCD display.  Our team will work with you to design the optimum custom LCD displays for your projects. Design considerations for your customized LCD display will include the type of interface, backlight options, power budget, space constraints, touch panel options and half-life considerations.

Custom LCD Display modules is a standard business practice for us. From the very simple modifications of an existing display panel to complete new product designs, we welcome your request.


When you need a custom LCD, you need the support to make sure it will work for your application, and you need it right away. A delay from your LCD supplier could delay your product release. We have over fifteen years of experience in the Custom LCD business.

The process to take your LCD idea from a concept to having prototype samples in hand is simple and requires just the few steps listed below.

Below is a Visio flow chart “process-flow & timeline” explaining the steps from concept to production.


Lead time for Custom LCDs

In many cases FocusLCDs’ lead time for custom LCD samples is as little as six to seven weeks after you approve our counter drawings and data sheet.  This lead time increases by four to six weeks between November to early February due to Chinese New year.

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Custom LCD technologies

Focus Display Solutions offers several LCD technologies. The majority of these displays can be customized to fit your need. Below is a short introduction to each type of LCD.

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