20×2 Character Display


Character 20×2 LCD
Hole pattern: 108×29
Fluid Type: FSTN
Backlight: LED Backlight / Green
Polarizer: Transflective
Temperature range: -20C to +70C
Interface: 8-bit parallel
Viewing Angle: 6 (bottom view)
Dot configuration: 5×8

Looking to cross over this discontinued LCD? A similar Focus LCD is our 20×2 (108×29) series. This display has the same mounting holes and number of characters. Each character LCD has its own options such as backlight color, type of fluid and viewing angle.

The 20×2 LCD can display 40 characters at a time. FSTN (Film Compensated STN) is an added film applied to the front polarizer and provide a sharp contrast and ease of readability from a distance.

Note: STN (super-twisted nematic) is the most common fluid type. It’s cost is slightly less then FSTN, but does not provide as sharp of contrast.

Each character is constructed with a 5×8 dot matrix. Five (5) dots across (horizontal) and eight (8) dots up (vertical). With a built-in controller driver chip, there is no need to program and refresh each dot. The integrated character table makes it easy for programing by sending a hex number to select the correct character.

FSTN provides a wider viewing angle that is legible from straight on viewing or from the left, right, top or bottom.

FSTN is widely used in: Medical, Aviation, Military, Marine, Automotive and any industry where clarity is a high priority.

The green LED backlight stands out for nighttime viewing and draws less than 30mA when on. An excellent backlight technology for battery powered products.

20×2 character displays are available in other sizes to meet the needs of your design.

Customization such as adding a touch panel or IDC cable can be completed with a low one-time NRE (Tooling cost). Once the tooling cost has been paid, there are no additional tooling cost for future production.

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