Character LCD with Orange LED Backlight

Question regarding orange LED backlight:

Hi I’m looking for a supplier for a 40×2 character LCD, I was looking at a NHD-0240AZ-FL-YBW but I’d prefer to get an orange LED backlight and smaller board, is this possible?

Here’s our Answer:

Yes, Focus Displays can provide this character LCD with both the orange LED backlight and a modified PCB. We do carry an equivalent to the NHD part number in stock and in many cases can ship the same day.

The customer has requested two modifications to this standard 40×2 (aka 0402 configuration) character LCD.


This LCD is a COB (Chip on Board) technology. Which means the LCD glass and the controller are attached to a PCB (Printed Circuit Board.)

The PCB can be modified and built to the exact size necessary for the customer. Some of the more common PCB modifications include:

  • Relocation of the mounting holes
  • Moving the 16×1 header to the top of the LCD
  • Moving the A and K pins to the other side of the display
  • Add the customer’s name and part number to the back of the PCB

There is a one-time tooling fee/NRE (Non-Recurring Engineering) that runs around $400 to $800, depending on the type of alterations. The modified circuit board, will not affect the performance of the module.

Once the customer pays the fee, they own the design and we will not sell it to anyone else without their permission.

Lead time for prototype samples of the new display will run from five to seven weeks.

There may be a MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity) required for this display, check with Focus Displays for more details.

For additional information about our custom LCD process, please see our LCD Design process flow chart.


The second requested modification was to build the character LCD with an orange LED backlight. There is no tooling fee and the MOQ is low. If the MOQ was higher than the customer needed at one time, Focus Displays is able to hold their inventory. The lead time would be around five weeks.

After talking to the customer, we found that they needed an orange LED backlight to match their company colors. And the standard orange LED color is not what they want.

It is possible to supply a unique variation of the color orange for their project. Below are two methods to create the exact orange color to match the requested hue.

Method #1: Custom orange LED backlight

The first solution is to build the LED to a specific wavelength with the goal of matching their company colors. This would require a larger MOQ than they needed and the unit cost was higher than they had budgeted.

A second challenge to this approach is that we would need to test each LED to make sure it fell within the spectrum of orange.

Method #2: RGB LED backlight

We would build the LCD with a RGB (Red, Green, Blue) LED backlight and a controller chip. This allows the customer to modulate between the three colors to generate the color they need.