Chemically Hardened LCD glass for LCD’s

chemically hardened glass

Many LCD applications take a real beating requiring a stronger LCD glass display. It is possible to build a custom LCD with Chemically hardened glass. Although, we do not offer Gorilla Glass®, we are able to build LCD Modules with an equivalent product.

What is Chemically hardened glass?

CSG is a post-production chemical process performed on the LCD glass. It does not make the glass unbreakable, and as of this writing, we have not tested to see if it is bullet proof, but strengthened glass is approximately six to eight times stronger than untreated glass.


  • Less chance of breakage in the field.


  • The cost increase is around 10%
  • Additional lead time of two to four weeks.

Segment displays are the most common technology to incorporate this, but can be added to character displays also.

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