Choosing a dependable custom LCD supplier

A Dependable Custom LCD Supplier Is Critical To Your Success

When selecting a custom LCD for your next product, it only makes sense to choose a dependable custom LCD supplier. The success of your product depends on a supplier that understands custom LCD technology and can answer your questions the same day you contact them.

There are four qualities to look for in a dependable Custom LCD supplier.


If you are located in North America, look for a dependable custom LCD supplier that is located in the US or Canada.

Although most custom LCDs are manufactured off-shore, you will want to work with a dependable custom LCD supplier that you can call during the day and receive answers the same day. US/Canadian-based suppliers of custom LCDs are able to provide suggestions for not only cost reduction, but provide same day engineering support.

Experience in Custom LCDs

In real-estate, the key to success is : Location, Location, Location. The same is true when working with a technology such as custom LCDs. The three most important things for choosing a dependable custom LCD supplier are: Experience, Experience, Experience.

With experience comes dependability. Look for a supplier that has at least ten plus years of experience.

Short Lead Time

Typically you will need samples of your prototype LCDs as soon as possible; so look for a dependable supplier that offers short lead times and at no extra cost.

Many suppliers of LCDs ship their product to North America via boat. This means your LCDs will not be at your location for twelve to sixteen weeks.

Choose a supplier that ships all LCD modules by plane. This will reduce your lead time to four to six weeks.

Why the delay when shipping by boat?

When shipping standard or custom LCDs via boat/ocean, the LCD modules sits on the dock until a large enough quantity is reached to build a full pallet. Your displays may be completed and ready to ship, but instead they sit on the shippers dock for an extended period of time until the quantity of shipments reach a designated amount before it actually leaves the port.

Engineering Support

Avoid brokers who buy and sell a variety of items other than LCDs. If your supplier also offers resistors, capacitors, PCBs, power cords and pic controllers, then you are working with someone who does not have a deep understand of LCDs.

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