Choosing the correct, Low-power LCD for cold weather

The LCD display you choose is the first thing your customer sees. Cold weather can drastically affect the visual quality of your product.

If the image looks sharp, your products perception is improved.
If your image is dull, your product’s image will suffer.
For this reason, it is critical to choose the correct LCD display not only for its abilities, but also for its performance in cold weather environments.

Character 3.3V LCD

An example of this is the availability of new, lower-powered displays. The majority of character, segment and monochrome graphic displays are now available in both 5V and 3.3V logic. The 3.3V version is growing in popularity due to the increase in battery-powered, hand-held products. The challenge is that all displays operate differently as the temperature drops.

The colder weather in the operation environment, the more power the LCD requires.

7 Segement LCD

If your module lacks driving voltage, the display will grow dim and the contrast will suffer.

If your product will operate in colder conditions below -15C, consider selecting a five volt (5V) version and adding a charge pump to increase the voltage. Yes, this will drain the battery a bit faster, but your display’s appearance (hence your product’s image) will stay looking sharp.

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