Color alphanumeric LCD module

The alphanumeric LCD module has many options including wide temperature range, just like graphic and segment LCD displays; a variety of fluid types including: TN, STN and FSTN fluids and now newer backlight colors including blue LED backlights.

What is a alphanumeric LCD module

An alphanumeric LCD has the ability to display any letter, both capital and small, number or punctuation mark such as periods and semi-colons. The advantage of this display is that it is easier to write your firmware and interface with your product.

Alphanumeric displays come in standard configurations with one of the most common being a 16×2. The numbers 16×2 mean there are two rows of characters and sixteen characters in each row. Other popular configurations include 20×2, 16×1, 16×4, 20×4, 40×4, 8×1 and 8 x 2.

Why choose an Alphanumeric Display?

Character LCD’s have been in use for several years and are still one of the most popular LCD technologies available. Although they are not as exciting as OLEDs Displays (Organic Light Emitting Diodes) or FSC Displays (Field sequential Color Displays), they are still in high demand. Why?

They are low cost and their built in controller makes programming much easier, also they are available in different background and backlight colors.

Alphanumeric LCD color options

The original alphanumeric LCD module, also called character displays, came in Yellow green (STN mode) or grey (TN mode). Other colors could be created by adding a film to the display. Although the film allowed a wider range of colors, it did reduce the amount of backlight that passed through the front glass.

Alphanumeric LCD Fluid types:

One option of this LCD is the alphanumeric LCD fluid types . The three most popular fluids are TN, STN and FSTN.

  1. TN (Twisted Nematic) monochrome LCDs are the lowest cost of the three options. Its contrast is not as sharp as STN and FSTN. Primary color options are black letters on a grey background. TN has a faster response time than STN.
  2. STN (Super Twisted Nematic) monochrome LCDs produce a sharper contrast than TN but are less sharp then FSTN. Basic color options are Gray, Blue and Yellow/Green (most common). Other colors are available through the use of filters. STN displays are the most popular option today.
  3. FSTN (Film compensated Super Twisted Nematic) provide the sharpest contrast of the three and is the most expensive. These monochrome LCD displays contain a retardation film applied to the STN display to produce a black and white appearance.

Alphanumeric LCD module colors

In the last few years, advances in LED technology have produced new backlight colors, including blue, white and pure-green character LCDs. These colors are also available on graphic and most custom segment LCD displays.

For photos and additional details of Character LCDs, go to our standard alphanumeric LCD page.