Custom LCD Guarantees

Custom LCD Customer service:

Why the talk about custom LCD guarantees? There are several variables to consider when designing a custom LCD Display, not only technical, but business aspects such as warranties and guarantees.

One of my favorite commercials is from a company called Discount Tire®, see link. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3QjTIm-vSKg

The video shows a little old lady tossing a large tire, that she was not satisfied with, through the store’s plate glass window. It may have been a bit aggressive and did not set a good example on anger management, but it did make you aware that the company would stand behind their promises.

The commercial no longer runs, but the company is going strong. Customers knew that if something was wrong, Discount Tire would make it right. This is how we feel at Focus Displays; we want you to be satisfied.

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Custom LCD Guarantees:

Custom displays require tooling funds (NRE) to be paid before the samples are built. So what happens when you are dissatisfied with a custom LCD display? Focus Displays wants you to be a satisfied customer. We will work to make it right.

It is possible to initially save money by working directly with an unknown factory in China, but what happens when the prototypes (samples) fail or worse yet, they never arrive? Who do you talk to? Can you fly to the supplier’s location to correct the issue? In most cases it would not be worth the cost. It’s a long flight just to make a point. When boarding the plane, would you have to check in the LCD or would it be classified as ‘carry on’? When you arrive would you throw the defective LCD through a window? (I wouldn’t recommend this.)

Custom LCD guarantees are a valid concern since LCD’s are manufactured in China or Taiwan and these countries operate under different guidelines, different holidays and work in a time zone that is many hours different than ours. Even though much of our glass and components are from these countries, we are based in the United States and will work with you to make things right.

Working with a US-based LCD supplier:

Each country has its own set of rules and guidelines, in the United States and Canada, it is expected that a supplier will do whatever is necessary to make a situation right.

Focus Display Solutions is a US-based company that has been designing and supplying LCD displays for over fifteen years. If our samples do not match the counter drawings you approved, or are poor quality. We will make it right, we stand behind our service.

If you do have a concern or are unsatisfied, give us a call or email. We will jump right on it, but please don’t come to our office in Chandler, Arizona and throw the display through our window. If you do come to visit us, we offer free coffee and air conditioning in the summer.

LCD Lead Times:

There is a belief that if you order directly from the factory their lead time will be shorter. This is not true.

One of the most difficult issues when going direct to China or Taiwan is how do you deal with customs (Harmonized tariff codes)? Do you ship on a plane? Do you ship via boat? Who is your clearing house? By the time you work this all out, your lead-time can be as much as 20+ weeks.

Focus Displays will handle all the cumbersome paperwork, we ship prototypes and much of our production displays via Fed Ex ® air. That means we can tell you within a day or two when your product will arrive on your dock.

Expedited lead times for Custom LCDs:

As a general rule, there is a rush for prototype LCD displays, for this reason we ship the prototypes FedEx air, this cost is included in your one-time tooling cost. (You don’t pay extra for this.)

Below is a breakdown of our lead-time for a custom LCD development.

  • Counter drawings in 3 to 4 business days.
  • Prototype samples in 4 to 6 weeks.
  • Production quantities in 5 to 7 weeks.

New Custom LCD Display technologies:

Focus Displays Solutions is a US-based LCD designer and supplier. We are a member of SID (Society of Information Displays). Which connects us to new types of LCD technology as it comes to market.

In fact, if you would like an update say every 90 days of what new technology is coming to market (e.g. flexible displays, zero power displays, sunlight readable displays) then go to the footer section on our Home page and sign up for our engineering email list. We will not send any ‘sales’ or ‘marketing’ stuff, just things that have words like micro-amps, mV, Pulse Width Modulation, half-life, etc.

Basics on custom LCD displays:

Our goal is to recommend a standard display whenever possible; not a custom liquid crystal display. If a standard LCD will not work, we are able to suggest custom solutions. Sometimes the customer needs a custom LCD and are willing to pay the necessary tooling fee to have an exact replacement of a LCD module that has been discontinued. Below are a few guidelines to keep in mind.

  1. When the customer has approved the drawing of the display, we will then request samples. As a general rule, when the customer pays for the LCD tooling, we supply 5 samples at no cost.
  2. The cost of freight to bring in the custom LCD samples is included in the tooling cost. This is for the first shipment only.
  3. The tooling fees for static, glass or segment displays are lower than for a character LCD module (alphanumeric LCD display module).
  4. The use of TN, STN or FSTN does not affect the tooling fee for the custom display, but this will affect the unit cost.

So how is that for custom LCD guarantees? We are ready to help you with your standard and custom LCD display needs.

Call us now at 480-503-4295 or click the little button below to send us an email and we will respond back to you immediately.