Custom LCD Panels can Replace Discontinued LCDs

We receive requests from customers asking us to locate an equivalent LCD module to replace their discontinued LCDs; sometimes this is done with custom LCD panels.

The domain name AndDisplays.com is up for sale, and we have received inquiries asking if we can design and manufacture a custom LCD panel to replace older display modules from ‘And Displays’ and other LCD suppliers.

Many of these discontinued LCDs are an older technology such as segmented displays or character displays. Below is a quick overview of the process, lead time and MOQ required to replace your discontinued LCD panels.

Process to build Custom LCD panels to replace discontinued LCDs

Focus Displays is able to tool up a custom LCD panel to replace your And Displays (AndDisplays.com), Standish displays (StandishLCDs.com) or any other LCD supplier that is no longer manufacturing.

The first step in the process is to contact us.

It would be helpful, and reduce the design time, if you could provide detailed drawings of the obsolete display you need us to replace. If your display is a character/alphanumeric or graphics type of display, it would help us to know which controller driver you are now using.

We will evaluate your requirements the same business day you contact us. In some cases we may be able to offer you a standard off-the-shelf LCD display that is a drop in equivalent to your discontinued display.

If your replacement display is a custom LCD panel that requires a tooling fee, we will provide you a quote clarifying the tooling cost and the number of no-cost samples you will receive.

Tooling fees, also referred to as Non-Recurring Engineering fees, can start as low as $400 for a modified printed circuit board (PCB) and extended into a few thousand dollars. The higher tooling cost may be necessary to modify not only the PCB but also the bezel and glass. The tooling fee only needs to be paid once, not for every new purchase order you place.

We will provide you with data sheets and pin-out details of your custom LCD panel, once the tooling fees have been paid.

What is the lead time for a Custom LCD panels?

The normal lead time for prototype samples of your custom LCD panel is six to seven weeks. Normal lead time for production quantities of your custom LCD panels are also six to seven weeks. The exception to this occurs in the months of December through early February when the delay of Chinese New Year becomes an issue.

If the design of your replacement custom LCD panels take place during these holiday months, we advise adding an additional two to three weeks lead time.

Our US based engineering support will continue to be of assistance during the holiday shut down. You will still be able to reach us by phone or email and we will make every effort to respond to you the same business day.

We make every effort to provide your samples or production units to you within seven to ten days after they have passed QA. One way we found to reduce your lead time is that we ship all display products via FED-EX air. This reduces travel time down two a few days.

Custom LCD panels may have a higher MOQ

The custom LCD panels you need to replace your discontinued LCD display may have a higher Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ). This is due to the fact that manufacturing will require time to set up, run and tear down the production line for your unique LCD panel.

Contact us today if you are in need of a custom LCD panel to replace your obsolete Liquid Crystal Module.