Custom LCDs replace Seiko LCD displays

Discontinued LCD suppliers

We receive calls asking for replacement Seiko LCD displays. Seiko is only one of several LCD display manufacturers who have pulled the plug on production of Liquid Crystal Displays.

In the last few years, several suppliers of Custom LCD panels have discontinued many of their liquid crystal display offerings. Some of these display suppliers have gone out of business while others have obsoleted lower profit modules.

The list of these suppliers includes, but is not limited to, Seiko LCD Displays, AND LCD Modules, Standish LCDs, Orion LCD manufacturer and others.

Why are LCD suppliers pulling the plug?

LCD suppliers, who manufacture both custom LCD panels and standard LCD modules, have only so much capacity to build LCDs. In other words, they can only manufacture a certain amount of LCDs every day. Once they reach that level, they have no choice but to turn away business. An alternative solution may be to expand in areas that is not monetarily feasible.

This forces them to reject low profit LCDs in favor of higher profit displays. Older LCD technology no longer carries the earnings that are now available with newer displays.

Another critical factor in the decision to discontinue LCD production is the acute labor shortage in China. This highly populated country now has more available jobs than there are employees to fill them. This produces a smaller work force and therefore a smaller number of displays that can be manufactured.

A third reason that LCD’s are being discontinued is that the company simply goes out of business. If the supplier is carrying too much debt or finds that they can make more money in other products, they simply close their doors.

Custom LCD panels to replace Seiko LCD displays

Seiko LCD Displays has discontinued many of their character LCD display modules. Focus Display Solutions is able to supply equivalent Seiko LCD replacements.

Many of these alphanumeric Seiko LCD displays are standard off-the-shelf modules that do not require a tooling fee. But others may require a tooling investment to design and build a custom LCD panel that is a direct cross to their discontinued Seiko LCD displays.

We carry sample stock of many of the obsolete Seiko character LCDs and in many cases are able to quote you a cost the same day you contact us.

If you do require a non-standard display, lead time for custom liquid crystal displays are between six to seven weeks for prototype samples and an additional six to seven weeks for production quantities.

Seiko LCD panel part numbers

Below is a list of discontinued character Seiko LCD displays. Seiko data sheets can be found at http://www.datasheetarchive.com/seiko%20lcd-datasheet.html

  • Seiko LCD module L1671 (16×1 Character LCD)
  • Seiko LCD module L1672 (16×2 Character LCD)
  • Seiko LCD module (16×2 Character LCD)
  • Seiko LCD module (16×2 Character LCD)
  • Seiko LCD module (16×4 Character LCD)
  • Seiko LCD module (20×2 Character LCD)
  • Seiko LCD module (20×4 Character LCD)
  • Seiko LCD module L2462 (24×2 Character LCD)
  • Seiko LCD module L4052 (40×2 Character LCD)
  • Seiko LCD module L4044 (40×4 Character LCD)

What makes us a different supplier of Custom LCD panels?

It is becoming increasingly more challenging for US-based manufactures to compete against foreign/off-shore manufactures. They need to daily review their process and look for ways to reduce cost, waste and delays.

One of the great challenges they face is the discontinuance of critical components such as an LCD.

We have been in the custom LCD business since 2001 and in that time we have learned a great deal of lessons to help our customers reduce cost, shorten time to market and deal with LCD’s that have been discontinued.

What makes us different from other LCD suppliers is that we specialize in designing custom LCDs to replace displays that have been discontinued by other suppliers.

Need a replacement for your Seiko LCD displays?

Start with our engineering support center to help you find a replacement for your Seiko LCD displays.