Custom Made LCD Displays | Key Points

Custom LCD Technology

Our primary goal at Focus Displays is the development and production of LCD displays, particularly custom made LCD displays. The majority of the information on our website, including FAQ’s, Journals, and design forms are written to help the customer design and develop a LCD module that is customized to meet their design.

Custom LCD Display Technologies we offer includes:

  • Static/segment displays
  • Character/alphanumeric displays
  • Monochrome graphic displays
  • EBT (Excellent black Technology)
  • UWVD (Ultra-Wide Viewing Display Technology) aka as BTN (Black Twisted Nematic)
  • FSC (Field Sequential Color Displays)

Key Points for custom made LCD displays

Below are a few key points when working with a custom made LCD design.

  1. Custom made LCD displays require a Tooling fee

A custom LCD display requires design time to convert the customers drawing from concept to a prototype sample. This requires engineering time to create a cad counter drawing. We call this engineering time and this requires a tooling or NRE (Non-recurring engineering) fee. This is a one-time charge that the customer pays to have the display built to their exact specifications.

We include with the tooling fee, at no additional cost, a number of prototype samples. Additional samples can be purchased at the time of tooling. The tooling fee needs to be paid before we can move forward with development of the module.

When the customer pays the tooling fee, they now own the rights to that custom LCD. We cannot and will not sell this to anyone else without the customer’s approval. We will not sell the custom display to the customers CM (contract manufacture) without the customer’s permission.

2. Custom made LCD displays may require a MOQ

MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity) is the minimum number of displays the customer needs to purchase at time of order. You can have multiple drop-ship dates. We offer to hold inventory of this display for up to six months.

3. Custom made LCD displays lead time

Lead time is the amount of time from when the customer places an order with Focus Displays to when they will receive their customized display. Lead time for custom LCDs is slightly longer than standard off-the-shelf displays. As of this writing the current lead time for custom displays is:

* Sample lead time of 7 to 8 weeks after the customer signs off on the counter drawing.

* Production lead time is 5 to 7 weeks after customer order and approval of samples.

Note: One benefit of working with Focus Displays is that we receive in all shipments via air and not boat. Shipping by air saves a few weeks to your lead time.

4. Custom made LCD displays require written approval

We cannot sell a customer’s custom LCD to anyone else. That means when we build the customer’s custom LCD module, that customer is the only one that we can sell it to. Therefore we request what is called an acceptance signoff form. The acceptance signoff form, or AS for short, calls out the following details for the customer.

  • Non-Cancelable, Non-Returnable (NCNR).
    • Custom displays cannot be returned or canceled after the order has been placed.
    • We do warranty LCD displays that do not meet the design requirements that were called out on the approved counter drawing.
  • Focus credit policy and payment terms
    • Our standard credit terms are Net 30. At this time we do not offer a discount.
    • We ask our customers to complete a credit application at the time we begin tooling of their custom LCD displays