Custom Segment LCDs are a Low Power LCD

Custom segment LCD displays are a low power LCD. The biggest advantages they offer are the ability to operate on low power, to operate in ultra-low temperatures, and they offer customization to your design needs.

Custom segment LCD Displays operate on a low power budget

A custom segment display, making use of a TN, STN or FSTN fluid, is able to provide the lowest power type of display with the exception of bistable LCD displays. However, segment LCDs are much less expensive than bi-stable displays.

These are great displays and can operate on one or two AA or even AAA batteries for a long period of time. They display without a backlight and can operate for several hours on a battery thanks to its low power drain. They are the LCD of choice when it comes to being a cost-effective, low power LCD.

The use of solar cells as the power supply for a custom segment LCD can be seen with the older hand-held calculators.

Low Power LCD can be built to meet your needs

A custom segment LCD can be built for a low one-time tooling cost. The tooling fee includes the counter drawing, set up fees and five prototype samples. The advantage of going “custom” is that product designers can now design their LCD display around their product and not around the limitations of the LCD.


  • Size of display or size of glass
  • Customized icons to match your exact needs
  • Location of 7 segment, 14 segment and 16 segment numbers
  • Type of polarizer (reflective, transflective, transmissive)
  • Fluid type to include TN, HTN, STN and FSTN
  • Connection type and length of connection pins

Custom segment LCDs operate in ultra-low temperatures

Custom segment LCD’s can be designed to operate in temperatures; as low as -40C (-40F). This is a request we receive, since many battery applications are used outside and in some very unfriendly ambient conditions. Some of these include oil tankers, weather stations and portable hunting equipment.

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