Demand for Replacement LCD Displays is Increasing!

New Businesses Opting for Replacement LCD Displays!

The number of phone calls we receive from new customers for replacement LCD displays is increasing. The primary reason for this increase is twofold.

  1. Customers continue to build their products beyond the original intended life time.
  2. LCD suppliers are discontinuing many displays that are not as profitable or moving older technologies into the category of legacy.

We have worked with many customers to help them locate an exact drop in equivalent display. Some displays are standard off-the-shelf, but many require custom tooling to match what they are currently purchasing.

Is it Worth Customizing Your Replacement LCD Display?

Yes, the tooling cost, or NRE (Non-recurring engineering) for an LCD display is much lower than the cost associated in a redesign of the customer’s product. LCD Tooling cost is a one-time fee that can run anywhere from $500 to $5,000 dollars. The cost for customers to redesign their circuit board or case can easily reach and exceed $25,000. Plus the MOQ on most custom LCD’s are as low as 500 to 2,500 displays.

The advantage of a custom LCD display is that you will receive an exact match to what you currently use.

Standish is the most requested replacement LCD displays!

Standish Industries discontinued production and closed up shop several years ago, but many of their old customer’s continue to need these displays. Standish was a leader in custom LCD modules. Their passing left many customers with no source for their unique displays.

When a customer contacts us for a replacement to their Standish display, our goal has been to supply a standard off-the-shelf product when possible. This eliminates the tooling cost and lowers the lead time and MOQ for the customer. When this is not possible we quote a tooling and unit cost. The goal is to provide a quote to the customer in a matter of days. Once the customer approves the cost, sample lead-time runs from 5 to 7 weeks. Production lead-time of replacement LCD displays is currently 6 to 7 weeks.

Replacement LCD displays are also required for other LCD Suppliers

Standish is not the only LCD supplier that customers contact us for when they require a replacement LCD display. We receive phone calls for LCD manufactures that are still in business but have discontinued some of their older, legacy displays. Customers have contacted us concerning suppliers such as Optrex, Densitron and Vartronix.

Display suppliers are pushing the envelope with newer and newer cutting edge LCD technologies. As they move into different products, they no longer support older displays. This is very true for monochrome displays such as character and static modules. The majority of the requests we receive are for these types of displays.

Challenges with Documentation and Replacement LCD displays

Once a LCD supplier discontinues a display, they tend to remove any documentation from their web site. This lack of data sheets increase the amount of work and lead time required to generate a quote and samples. In some cases the customer has been purchased by another company and they find that much of their documentation is missing.

If you find that your current module supplier has discontinued your display, contact us for support to help you locate a replacement LCD display.