Do all Standish Displays Require a Custom LCD Tooling Fee?

character lcd

It has been a few years since Standish Displays stopped production of its LCD modules. Focus Display Solutions holds inventory on many discontinued Standish Displays, we also offer design services to create a customized LCD to meet the needs of your discontinued LCD.

Standish Displays “Out of Business”

Standish Displays was located at Lake Mills, WI 53551. TEL: 414-648-1000. FAX: 414-648-1001 . The company is no longer in business and has left customers without a supply of the unique LCD’s they manufactured.

Standish displays provided a wide range of 7 segment displays, 14 segment displays and 16 segment displays. Many of these glass displays were custom. In fact, many of their TN display types are unique to the end customer.

Standish Displays no longer supplies solutions on their monochrome displays with a SPI interface, and many OEM’s find they need a replacement LCD. Many LCD displays such as character displays do not require tooling. I would guess that 50% of the discontinued static displays do not require a tooling fee.

Replacements for your Standish LCD

Focus Display Solutions has the ability to match your discontinued Standish display. We are able to tool up a custom LCD to meet the needs of these customers. All we need is the LCD data sheet of the display you need replaced, or a physical sample of the LCD to review.

  • Discontinued segment Standish LCD module
  • Discontinued character Standish LCD module
  • Discontinued graphic Standish LCD module

Send us your data sheet and we will respond back to you with a lead time, unit cost and if necessary a tooling fee.

We know that there is nothing more painful, than a line down situation. Focus Displays strives to provide you prototype LCD samples in as short a time as possible.

Call us at 480-503-4295 or email us with your questions.