FSTN LCD display vs UWVD custom lcd display?

UWVD custom lcd display (Ultra-Wide Viewing Display Technology) is a new display technology that offers some advantages over FSTN (Film compensated STN) LCD display in negative mode.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lbF7zDLwA3I

  1. UWVD(or BTN) offers a much wider viewing angle of 70 degrees in all directions. This is very helpful since the user will not have to move as much to be able to read the display.
  2. UWVD offers a true black background and a contrast that exceeds FSTN.

Note: UWVD is also known as BTN (Black Twisted Nematic).

Customers have asked if UWVD is an exact drop-in equivalent to negative mode FSTN LCD? No, the pin out is different and so is the duty cycle. In fact, the duty cycle of the UWVD custom lcd display is one factor that allows it to have such a sharp contrast. The increased duty cycle requires additional controller/drivers which in turn modifies the pin out.

The additional controller drivers also increase the cost of the UWVD.

Positive mode is still more popular than negative mode, but negative mode is gaining ground and with the release of a new type of fluid technology called UWVD custom LCD display, we believe that negative mode will become even more popular. If your application requires the extra degree of sharpness and true black background, then UWVD is a good match for your product.

Outdoor LCD displays can be seen in many industries and environments. The world has gone digital and many companies are looked at as antiquated unless their display and technology reflect this perception. No company wants to be labeled “old school” unless possibly if you are a rapper. Pushing limits and giving the most benefit for the least cost is what today’s consumer wants. Gone are the days when only high-end companies use technology to proclaim their worth. The average Joe’s Main Street store is responding to the digital age by implementing LCD displays in a variety of applications not before seen. This exponential growth of the use of LCD’s addresses the need to display information to a wider audience with the desire to tap into new and growing markets.

We are able to design our UWVD custom lcd display to meet your design requirements.