ISO Certified

So, what’s the big deal about a ISO 9001:2015 certified LCD supplier?

Well, for starters, being ISO certified puts stg-focuslcds-staging.kinsta.cloud on the map with the best organizations in the world. It means that a complete stranger from an international standards certification body shows up and gives your business a cavity search that could rival the most historic TSA airport screenings caught on tape. And I mean… thorough.

What are they looking for? Besides everything, some of the seven quality management principles (QMP) relate to intelligent decision making, building solid relationships, strategic planning, having the ability to recover and resume operations in unexpected circumstances, and more. Ironically, the first on their list, QMP 1, is “Customer Focus,” and if you haven’t gathered already, Focus is our first name.

This all means that you’re not only going to become part of the family when you deal with us, but in a crazy event (such as a chip supplier for one of our TFT displays shutting down due to an earthquake), we’ve got solutions stacked on top of solutions for getting things handled.

Could we have continued doing business and been successful without putting ourselves through this whole rigorous process? I guess so, but then I wouldn’t be able to write this article and hope that you pass it along and give it some kudos. Our customers mean everything to us, and we’ll continue to grow and improve to be the best version of us that we can.

Oh, and just in case you didn’t know the seven quality management principles… they are listed below.

  • QMP 1 – Customer Focus
  • QMP 2 – Leadership
  • QMP 3 – Engagement of People
  • QMP 4 – Process Approach
  • QMP 5 – Improvement
  • QMP 6 – Evidence-based Decision Making
  • QMP 7 – Relationship Management

Shoot! now what do we do if we run out of coffee????

If you have questions about TFTs, LCDs, or you just want a really good coffee recommendation, contact us today!