LCD Custom Character Heater Technology

Heater technology allows LCD custom Character modules to operate in ultra-cold ambient temperatures. Current alphanumeric or character LCD technology without a heater can operate as low as -20C. This is great for indoor, or protected environments, but what about products that operate outdoors and require the display to function at even more extreme ambient temperature ranges?

Heater technology makes use of a transparent film allows an insulated character LCD display to continue to function at -40C (-40F).

In the past, OEM’s requiring a display to operate at arctic conditions were limited to light emitting diode (LED), Thin Film Transistor (TFT) or organic light-emitting diode (OLED). These three display technologies are solutions to ultra-cold ambient operating temperatures, but they do have their limitations.

  • The LED display modules are able to display information using a 7-segment format, but are limited at displaying characters with higher resolution such as letters and punctuation marks.
  • TFT Displays are able to provide high resolution at a low temperature, but at a premium cost.
  • OLED’s are a newer technology that allows the user to display letters, numbers and icons. OLED’s are also able to display multiple colors. Their main setback is the color “blue”. Blue’s half-life is rated at 14,000 hours. Half-life is not when the color blue burns out, but when it is half as bright as when it was first turned on.

Focus Displays is able to design a LCD custom display using the heater technology that will allow your character module to operate in the cold temperature ranges you require.

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