LCD Lead time | Focus LCDs ships product via Air

Reducing our customer’s LCD lead time is one of our main goals at Focus LCDs. We aim to make our customers profitable. The sooner our customers can deliver their product to market, the sooner they become profitable. Focus Displays understands the importance a short-lead times for LCDs.

This has become even more important now as the LCD lead time with factories are increasing due to labor shortages and Chinese New Year. We find that one of the greatest things we can do to reduce the LCD lead time is to ship FedEx air.

The advantages of shipping LCD displays via Air are:

  • We can ship one box alone and not wait until an entire pallet is ready to ship.
    • Your prototype samples are not waiting for another customers order to be completed before they ship.
  • We can track the package and know where it is at any time.
    • We are able to pinpoint your delivery date from the time they leave the glass factory.
  • The lead time from factory to Focus Display Solutions is from 5 to 7 days.
    • When shipping on boat, your LCD lead time from a factory in the orient to the US can be from two weeks to six weeks.

We believe that Focus LCDs is the the only LCD supplier in the USA that ships all our displays via air express. And thanks to negotiated rates with FedEx we are able to ship via air for the same cost as our competitors pay to ship their product on a boat.

Reducing LCD lead time is Why does Focus LCDs import all LCD modules via Air and not boat?

Below are estimated lead times for standard and customized LCD modules:

  • Custom LCD samples = six to seven weeks
  • Standard LCD samples = six to eight week (if not in our inventory stock)
  • Production of customized LCD modules = six to eight weeks
  • Production of standard LCD displays = six to eight weeks.

Please add on one week of delivery time from factory to our LCD warehouse in Arizona.