LCD Lead Times From Here To Eternity (And Then Still Longer)

So, what is going on with LCD lead times, and lead times for other electronic components? Normal leads times of six to eight weeks have doubled and then some, and hey . . . they continue to grow.

The economy is booming, so, people are building and purchasing higher quantities. Hence, the supply chain is unable to keep up with demand and won’t be able to for some time.

The solution?
Design in an LCD technology that incorporates components from multiple suppliers.
These two most common are:

  • Character (monochrome)
  • Segment (monochrome)

The second most common are:

  • TFTs (Multi color)

Choose industry standard sizes such as: 1.8, 2.4, 3.5, 4.3, 5.0, 7.0

As for OLEDs?
At this time, Focus does not supply OLEDs for new designs. Yes, they are an excellent display technology, but there are far too few suppliers of the raw materials and too high of a demand.

Many customers find that the lower their quantities, the lower they are on the supply food chain hence, the longer the delays. Setting up safety stock packages, providing product forecasts and placing blanket orders are ways for customers of all sizes to keep their production lines moving.

If you have questions about LCD lead times, please contact us today!