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Unlike keeping LCDs in stock; saving money in the bank is dangerous for design engineers

Now, I’m an engineer at FocusLCDs.com and not a banker, although I do have a PHD (Plain High school Diploma) in money management.

So last week, while I was looking for coffee money under sofa cushions in the company lobby, it occurred to me how banks are paying such very low interest rates on saving accounts… not near enough to keep up with inflation.

And yet, many component suppliers seem to keep their cash locked up in a bank instead of investing it in inventory. Inventory that would allow them to ship prototype samples the same day an engineer needs it.

Hey! This is dangerous for design engineers.

Let’s face it. One of the greatest fears we design engineers face is the wrath of Marketing. Sure, they are that nice friendly group of people down the hall that get invited to all the good parties. But be late on the prototype for their trade show and it becomes dangerous walking from your cubical to the coffee maker.

Imagine the terror when the poor engineer tells marketing they will be late because the switch or relay or LCD they need won’t arrive for fourteen weeks.

All because a supplier keeps their cash in some low-interest savings account? Hey! . . . This is dangerous for design engineers.

These are Scary times for Design Engineers

Safety for Design Engineers:

Allied Electronics does care about the safety of engineers. They do invest their cash in inventory for TFT displays, allowing them to ship the same day an engineer orders a sample.

As an engineer: Do you find yourself avoiding your Marketing people? Cowering in the corner? Looking for a back door to your cubical?

Well, we can help.

  • If your product is handheld and battery powered; try a full color 1.7” TFT (It’s in stock)
  • If your product is medical; try a full color 4.3” TFT with resistive touch panel, (It’s in stock)
  • If your product is industrial; try a bright blue character LCD(It’s in stock)
  • If Marketing has you cornered in your cubical, tell them there are free donuts in the conference room. When they turn to look, make a break for it.

Safety (LCD Stock) for Engineers: First, Last, Always.

Now, all I need is two more quarters and a dime for the cup of coffee. Where else do people drop money?