Low Cost TFT

Low Cost TFT

Do you have a New Product Design Requiring a Low-Power, Multiple Color, Low-Cost TFT Display?

The FocusLCDs.com E series 2.4” TFT is a low cost TFT great for battery powered applications such as:

  • Test/Measurement
  • Medical Applications
  • Industrial applications

It is EASY to integrate with multiple interfaces including:
8/9/16/18Bit MCU & 3/4SPI+16/18Bit RGB

It is EASY to read from a distance with 250 nit backlight brightness

Features of the E24RG12432LW2M300-N

  • TN TFT: Our TN types of TFTs offer rapid response times making them ideal for fast-paced applications. With a cost-effective production process, the TN type of display is suitable for any application requiring a dynamic and responsive color display.
  • Selectable RGB, MCU, or SPI Interface: Our versatile TFT LCDs with selectable RGB, MCU, or SPI interfaces offer unparalleled flexibility for integration with various systems and devices. These adaptable displays cater to a wide range of applications, from multimedia systems to embedded solutions, ensuring optimal compatibility and performance regardless of your project requirements.
  • QVGA Resolution: Our QVGA (Quarter Video Graphics Array) TFT LCDs have a resolution of 320×240 pixels which provides a compact display solution for a wide range of applications. This resolution creates sharp visuals and delivers reliable performance, making them ideal for use in handheld devices, industrial control systems and other applications where space is limited, and efficiency is crucial.
  • Transmissive Polarizer: Our Transmissive Polarizer TFT LCDs offer exceptional color reproduction and high-contrast ratios for crisp, clear visuals. These displays are ideal for indoor applications, such as multimedia systems and gaming devices, where bright and vibrant images make all the difference.
  • Wide Operating Temperature Range: Our Wide Operating Temperature Range LCDs are designed to perform consistently and reliably in extreme temperature conditions, making them suitable for use in harsh environments, such as industrial control systems, automotive applications, and outdoor equipment.
  • RoHS Compliant: All of our products are RoHS Compliant, adhering to the stringent guidelines set by the European Union’s Restriction of Hazardous Substances directive. This ensures that our products are manufactured without the use of harmful materials, prioritizing the safety of our customers and the environment.

In stock and available for IMMEDIATE shipment: https://focuslcds.com/product/e24rg12432lw2m300-n/