Monochrome LCDs That Require LCD Firmware

LCD Firmware is the software code that allows the LCD’s controller to communicate with the customer’s processor. When a customer first designs their end product, they write the firmware for a specific controller.

LCD Firmware Challenges

The challenge comes when the controller on a LCD module is discontinued and replaced with an equivalent controller. The LCD firmware that was written for the original controller may or may not be 100% compatible with the new controller. The majority of the time a customer can swap out the old controller for the new without any issues.

In a minority of cases, the firmware would have to be modified. This needs to be modified by the customer.

If you do need to modify the LCD firmware for your Character, and Graphic displays, you might want to keep in mind that current product out in the field which contain LCD displays will still need the old controller. When you find out that a controller is being discontinued and the suggested replacement “equivalent” controller is not a drop-in equivalent, and the firmware needs to be modified; it might be wise to order extra displays with the old controller to have in stock to serve as replacements for the products you have out in the field.

In designing a custom LCD module, it is a good idea to ask if the controller you are calling out will be discontinued soon.

Segment displays do not contain a controller and therefore do not require any firmware. This includes 7(seven) segment LCD display, 14(fourteen) segment LCD display, and 16(sixteen) segment LCD displays.

Character LCD Modules do contain controllers. This includes 8×1 LCD displays, 8×2 LCD displays, 16×1 LCD displays, 16×2 LCD displays, 16×4 LCD displays, 20×2 LCD displays, 20×4 LCD displays, 24×2 LCD displays, 40×1 LCD displays, 40×2 LCD displays, and 40×4 LCD displays.

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