Negative performance decreases sales, but negative-mode UWVD LCD’s makes them jump

UWVD LCDs update the standard for negative-mode displays

Even in darkness, light shines for the upright… even light from your LCD.

Yes, light shines for the upright, I found this true on the elevator I took up to my hotel room. It’s LED backlit display was eye-catchingly bright, it’s segments sharp- contrast was the first thing to catch my attention.

From the second I entered the elevator, there wasn’t a shadow of doubt as to which floor I was on. And talk about memorable? I must have ridden this elevator fifteen times during my stay — mainly because the coffee was downstairs— and every time I stepped in, the display was still the first to catch my attention.

Do you ever wonder why they don’t put cup holders in elevators?

These types of LCD’s are called Negative mode segment displays, because their letters/numbers/icons are a lighter color than the darker background. They stand out in the darkest of nights and brightest of direct sunlight days.

Increase YOUR sales with a negative-mode:

Negative performance decreases sales, but negative-mode UWVD LCD’s makes them jump.

For this reason, many companies are now incorporating negative mode displays in their new designs. There is little cost increase and end-users (customers) notice the difference.

Custom Segment LCDs

Segment LCDs earn their name because each segment can be individually turned ON or OFF. Over ninety percent (90%+) of segment displays, supplied by FocusLCDs.com, are custom and remain popular due to their low tooling cost.

Custom LCDs allow the engineer to design the display their way (think Burger King®).

Options include:

  • Custom Glass size
  • Brightness
    • Adding a dimmer, to save power on battery/solar powered products
  • Interface
    • 4:1 multiplex (lowest cost and most popular)
    • 1:1 Static (low cost and best for cold weather operation)
    • SPI, a bit more expensive due to the added controller/driver chip, but requires very few I/Os
    • I2C
  • Choice of colors
    • Possible background colors include: Blue and Black
    • Possible segment colors include: Yellow/Green, Red, Blue, Yellow and RGB (Red/Green/Blue) which can generate any color (except black).
  • Choice of Letters/Numbers/Icons

Introducing new, ultra-wide viewing angle:

But wait, there’s more!

Here is the best part, Negative mode displays have been improved with Focus LCD’s newly released UWVD (Ultra-Wide-Viewing-Display) technology. UWVD improves older negative-mode model display technology by making the display brighter with a wider viewing cone, making it easy for anyone in the elevator to easily read the number, from almost any angle. No matter where they stand, from the far left, or far right, close to the floor or hovering close to the ceiling. The segments are sharp and easy to read.

Let us know if you would like to see a demo.

Also let me know if you find some way to mount the coffee cup holder to the side of the elevator.