Replacements for Densitron LCD Display Modules

We have received calls to be a second source LCD display supplier for selected technologies of Densitron LCD Displays. This includes Monochrome Graphic and custom segmented TN, STN, and FSTN static displays. The majority of these monochrome displays are FSTN, but can also be built as a STN. What is TN, HTN, STN and FSTN?

Densitron Standard LCD Replacements

We offer standard LCD display modules that are an equivalent replacement to Densitron’s character LCD display modules. We also offer design assistance to design and build a custom LCD module and glass that will be an equivalent match to your current LCD module.

The goal of Focus Display Solutions is to supply replacement LCD displays that have been discontinued or are currently being manufactured.

Densitron COG Replacements

Densitron and Optrex displays offer standard off-the-shelf COG LCD designs. Some of these LCD modules come in very small LCD display packages.

The following Densitron LCD modules are standard displays that we may be able to supply.

LMR4070, LMR2070, LR4828, LR2128, LR4301,
LR2301, LR4220, LR2020, LR3020, LR2230, LR4830,
LR4000, LR4216, LR2016, LR2022, LR4422, LMR4022,
LMR4422, LER2433, LR4218, LC4261,
LMR5509EW2C20WF, LR2261, LR2434, LR4434,
LR4821, LR4427, LR2227, LR2218, LR4218, LR4857

Densitron LCD Replacement: Graphic displays

At Focus Display Solutions, when we are asked to quote on a “chip on glass” graphic LCD module, we find that many of the displays require a custom display solution and are not off-the-shelf.

If you find that you need a unique LCD design to match your current display requirements, please feel free to contact us. We offer design assistance with the initial prototype through final production.

Our services include LCD specs, display module samples for your prototypes, and engineering designs.

If you’re looking for replacements for Densitron LCDs, or if you have questions about custom replacement LCDs, Contact Focus Display Solutions (Focus LCDs) tday.