Safety Stock: Overdraft Protection for LCD Displays

Do you need safety stock “overdraft protection”?

Banks are offering a type of insurance wherein they protect their client in case of an emergency or accidental overdraft. The idea is that if you overdraw on a check or debit card, the bank will cover for you. Of course, the bank doesn’t offer this service for free. They require a nominal service charge to shield you if the unforeseen occurs.

In this area, the LCD supply business is not much different than the banking industry. What the bank calls an “overdraft” fee, we call an “expedite” fee.

An expedite fee is the extra cost that a customer must pay in order to rush the delivery of their LCD monochrome display’s. This fee could potentially be as much as $200 per box in additional freight cost. On top of that, sometimes this only reduces the delivery time by 3 or 4 days.

Focus Displays would like to offer you an alternative to protect you from these expedite fees. We call it LCD Safety Stock, and guess what, unlike the banks, we don’t charge extra for it.

Safety Stock: how does it work?

It’s really quite simple. We agree to hold a certain amount of inventory for you in our warehouse. This “safety inventory” will be kept in the USA and can be shipped to you immediately within one business day of your request.

For example: Suppose you require an average of 100 monochrome LCD’s per month. Using our “Safety Stock” system, you would send us a Purchase Order requesting us to hold 2 months (8 weeks lead time) worth of inventory or 200 displays.

When you need 50 displays ASAP, we would ship out the next day, and then order 50 more displays to replace the ones you just released.

All we ask that you take possession of all your safety stock within a six month period.

This is helpful when your application requires a custom LCD display.

We offer this safety stock service for Character LCD modules (STN display and FSTN display), Graphic LCD modules, and Segment Displays: seven (7) segment displays; fourteen (14) segment displays; and sixteen (16) segment displays.