Serial Interface LCD Displays

Your processor will not support an 8 bit or 4 bit parallel interface for your alphanumeric display. You are left with the option of a small serial (SPI) interface LCD. In the past, serial was not a desirable option.

Why Serial Interface LCD was not desirable

  • The serial interface LCD module required additional electronics that increased the cost of a 16×2 LCD display or 20×2 LCD Display by as much as $10 per LCD
  • The lead time of the Character display was longer
  • The MOQ (minimum order quantity) on the Character LCD module was high

    What’s changed?

With the introduction of the controller driver Sitronix ST7070, monochrome LCD displays are now available as a serial interface LCD without all the headaches. Times have changed. Instead of the increased cost of $10 per LCD in the past, the cost increase is about the same as upgrading your LCD module from a TN to a FSTN. In other words, the cost is very reasonable.

Is there a tooling (NRE) fee?

Smaller Character displays such as an 8 line by 2 rows, or an 8 line by 1 row the LCD may require a modified PCB to accept the new controller IC. The tooling cost to have a serial interface LCD is less than a custom LCD module that requires a bezel to be modified.

Focus Display Solutions offers the character module with the serial interface. Whether you need a 16×1, 16×2, 8×1 or 8×2 LCD module, we offer the option to convert our LCD modules to a serial interface LCD with the Sitronix IC.

To find out which interface would work best for you, we’ve broken down the the various serial interface options available and compared them. Please read our article on USB vs SPI vs I2C for more information.

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