​Benefits of Character LCDs for Your New Design

16x1 Character LCD Module

What are the benefits of a Character LCD? What are the downfalls?

Character LCDs are one of the most common types of LCD technology.

Six Benefits of a Character LCD:

  1. Low Cost
  2. Almost always in stock
  3. Short lead time and low MOQs for Custom character displays
    1. Adding a heater
    2. Adding a touch panel
    3. Custom LCD glass size
  4. Easy to program with a built-in controller and character map
  5. Rarely are discontinued
  6. Contains an optional LED backlight.

Downfalls of a Character LCD:

  • They cannot display graphics, but only characters (Letters, Numbers, Punctuation marks)
  • Can only display in one color
  • Black letters on white background or white letters on blue background etc.
  • Require a heater when operating below -30C

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