Small Color TFT Displays

Why is the small color TFT still in demand?

Cell phones with large Color panels

Each year, cell phone manufacture’s release new phones and each year, the size of the phone’s display grows.Current cell phone designs contain a 4.3” OLED and are set to increase to a 5.3” display. You would think that everyone would want a larger display. So why buck the trend and choose a smaller LCD module?

When I purchased my latest cell phone, I choose one that had a very small 1.8 inch color TFT (Thin Film Transistor) display. In fact, the sales people tried to ‘up-sell’ me to the latest, largest AMOLED (active-matrix organic light-emitting diode), but I held out for the smaller color TFT display. Why? The same reason that many Focus Display’s customers choose a 1.8 inch TFT…

Small color TFT displays require less power

Battery life was my reason for choosing the smaller cell phone, I had seen the batteries of many phones with a large display die within 24 hours of constant use, since I travel a great deal it was more important for the cell phone battery to last for days than to be able to display high resolution videos.

Many of the OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) that incorporate our small LCD displays are building portable, battery powered products that requires a color display that conserves battery life. The 1.8 “ color module is a perfect fit for medical diagnostic equipment, baby monitors, portable printers and handheld test equipment just to mention a few. All of these products require low power.

Small color TFT’s are not the lowest power consuming display, there are monochrome graphics and segmented displays, their small size draws much less power than the larger displays.

The 1.8 TFT display has been in production for many years and does not look to be going away anytime soon since its demand remains high.

Additional benefits of the 1.8″ small color TFT display


The 1.8” is a standard off-the-shelf item with inventory held in our Chandler Arizona location. No tooling fee is required and prototype samples can ship the same day you request them; production quantities can ship in as little as five to six weeks. You can also purchase them through Allied for same day delivery. Click on the button below.



The TFT is built in high quantities that allow low cost and in many cases its price is lower than monochrome character displays.


This TFT accepts a CPU 8 bit interface for quick integration to many popular microprocessors.


It is possible to add a 4-wire resistive touch panel to the display for minimal cost, it is also possible to add a capacitive touch panel, but a multi-touch capacitive touch screen on such a small display may not be a good option due to the small size of the display.


The display offers an operating temperature range of -20C to +70C.

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