The Correct LCD Viewing Angle Sets The Perceived Value Of Your Product

LCD Viewing Angles explained

What you know can increase the value of your product.

When your customer compares your product with your competitors, the correct choice of the LCD viewing direction makes the difference between a product that looks ‘okay’ and a product that grabs and holds your customer’s attention. If the display on our product looks sharp, your product looks sharp and this can be accomplished at no extra cost by understanding how to locate the optimum viewing angle.

LCD display modules are built to provide the sharpest contrast and readability in one of four directions called the ‘the viewing angle’ or ‘optimum viewing direction.’ The four directions follow the format of a clock. With twelve o’clock viewing (12:00) being the top view and six o’clock (6:00) the bottom.

When specifying the best viewing direction for your new design, put yourself in the place of your customer. “From what direction will this display be viewed?” In other words, where will your end user be standing when they use your product?

For example, a cell phone is usually read from the bottom, that is, you hold it in front of you. So TFT’s in cell phones and GPS’s are viewed from the six o’clock (6:00) or bottom view.

Whereas a very tall person, say 6’5” or taller, (think Goliath) pumping gas into their car, would look down at the LCD display, watching their dollars fly by as they fill up the tank. This would be a twelve o’clock (12:00) or top view.

Two other possible viewing angles include: Three o’clock (3:00 or left side view) and nine o’clock (9:00 or right-side view) but rarely used, 6:00 view is the default value for 80% of all monochrome displays. So, if you’re not sure which viewing angle to choose, go with 6:00.

Viewing angles and LCD technology:

There are two types of LCD technology:

  1. Color TFTs (multi-colored, graphic displays)
  2. Monochrome Characters, Graphic and Segments (one color background/different color icon/letter)

There is no cost difference between viewing angles, but for TFT’s there may be a longer lead-time or MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity) than for monochrome displays.

We keep inventory of the most common LCD products in stock in Chandler AZ and can ship the same day. We have no MOQ for in stock, standard displays.

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