Ultra-Wide Viewing Display (UWVD Displays) vs. Negative Mode Character LCD Display Module

UWVD Displays – A new LCD Display Technology

Recently released UWVD displays (Ultra-Wide-Viewing-Display) Technology, by stg-focuslcds-staging.kinsta.cloud, is a new LCD technology providing a wider viewing angle than older display technologies, allowing customers (end-users) to clearly read the display even when standing on the periphery.

Recommend for original equipment manufacturers (OEM), as a great replacement for OLEDs, VFDs and LED displays on new designs.

Ultra-Wide Viewing Displays requires less power and at a lower cost than many other display technologies. Also, there is very little tendency for the display to be discontinued.

UWVD is only available as a negative mode LCD.

So. . . what is a negative mode LCD? Well, it’s not a person with a bad attitude. That is a negative mood person and can best be summarized as an engineer who has run out of coffee. Not a popular person to be around.

A negative mode display, on the other hand, is growing in popularity because it jumps out and grabs people attention.

Negative mode displays are LCDs where the characters/icons are brighter colored against a dark, black background. Providing a very sharp contrast.

Advantages of UWVD LCD Displays

Advantages of UWVD Technology compared to older monochrome LCD modules include:

  • Sharper contrast than FSTN (Film Compensated STN)
  • Wider viewing angle of 70 degrees in both the X and Y direction (right/left/up/down)
  • No hot spots.
  • Low-Cost

How UWVD displays differ from TN, STN & FSTN

UWVD display technology takes a completely different approach than older TN, STN and FSTN technologies.

TN (Twisted Nematic) allows between 5% to 10% leakage of the light to escape, thereby reducing the contrast/sharpness of the characters. Also, the oval shape molecules are vertical whereas the molecules of the TN are somewhere between horizontal and vertical, but never fully vertical. Allowing the UWVD display to stay sharp over a wider viewing area.

UWVD displays eliminate hot & cold spots from LED backlights

One of the greatest advantages of UWVD is the elimination of hot and cold spots.

Below is a photo of a 20×2 Character LCD in positive mode with hot spots.

UWVD removes hot spots by taking a totally different approach. Below is a photo of a UWVD custom segment display. The characters are very bright with no hot spots.

UWVD displays are available in standard (in stock) and custom modules.

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