UWVD LCD modules are great in Marine LCD displays

Marine LCD Displays Need Lots Of Contrast

Marine LCD displays requirements surpass, in many ways, what current STN and FSTN technology has to offer. In fact, the marine industry is not the only industry that would benefit from this new technology. Other markets include heavy machinery, automotive, medical, military, test & measurement, and industrial.

Advantages realized by use of UWVD’s as a Marine LCD Display include:

  • Wider operating temperatures
  • Sharper contrast than STN or FSTN
  • Allow the user to customize the display to fit their design
  • Sunlight readable

Marine LCD displays require a wider operating temperature range

Marine LCD displays require a wider operating temperature range due to the conditions they need to operate in. UWVD displays answer this requirement!

STN technology has been limited to -20C in most cases. It is possible to locate STN displays that operate at -30C, but the MOQ, Minimum Order quantities, are very high and the cost is not as attractive. Marine LCD Displays require the display to work in colder environments then -20C. This forces customers to either purchase a very large MOQ of STN displays with a -30C fluid, or use OLED technology. OLED’s do operate to -40C, but the blue color has a half-life of 14,000 hours.

UWVD displays will work down to -30C without a heater. The display will require additional power at this temperature, but it is still readable. This display also continues to operate up to 90C.


Marine LCD displays require a sharp contrast that UWVD can provide. The contrast ratio of UWVD displays is greater than 200:1. Current STN technology has a contrast ratio of 5:1 and FSTN fluid, in a negative mode, has a contrast ratio of 10:1


In the beginning, TN was the best technology for non-color, monochrome displays. The contrast was not too sharp, but you could read the letters and numbers. After some time TN gave way to STN (Super Twist Nematic). STN offered a sharper contrast than TN and a wider viewing angle. Then came FSTN (Film Super Twist Nematic); FSTN offered the widest viewing angle and sharpest contrast for a monochrome display.

UWVD LCD displays allows the user to customize the display

Products needing Marine LCD displays require the display to fit a specific shape and dimension. Older display technology would require a high minimum order quantity and a higher one-time tooling fee, but UWVD’s allow the user to customize the display with a lower MOQ, 500 in most cases and a lower NRE/tooling cost. Some of the customization options on this display include:

  • Size and shape of the display to match your design
  • Color of the LED backlight
  • Design engineers can choose from standard Yellow, Green, Red, Blue, White, and a list of many other colors
  • Newer UWVD technology is implementing a RGB backlight. RGB represents Red, Green blue.

UWVD LCD displays are sunlight readable

This means that the user of a product that contains a Marine LCD display can read the display in direct sunlight. UWVD also offers the advantages of being very bright and standing out at night.

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