What does EBT LCD mean? EBT vs UWVD

EBT LCD is the acronym for “Excellent Black Technology” LCD module. EBT is one of the first display technologies that produced a truly black background. It was popular in such industries as marine, aviation and medical.

Focus Display Solutions (aka: Focus LCDs) is able to supply EBT LCD displays (Excellent Black Technology), but we have found that UWVD (Ultra-Wide Viewing Display Technology) is an improvement over the EBT technology.

Both technologies provide a very dark black background with a sharper contrast than FSTN (Film-Super-twisted nematic), but UWVDs offer the same look and feel as an EBT LCD but with several added benefits including: lower tooling cost, smaller MOQs, higher contrast ratio and bright illumination.

Lower tooling cost for UWVD

Tooling cost for UWVD can run between $1,200 to $5,000 deepening on such factors as:

  • Interface type (SPI, I2C, Parallel, 4:1 multiplex)
  • Touch panel (resistive or capacitive)
  • Heater (to allow continues operation in very cold temperatures.)
  • Cables and headers

Tooling cost for a custom UWVD are much lower cost than EBT and the lead-time for UWVD is less than EBT.

UWVDs offer a wider viewing angle than EBT LCD

Viewing angle is how far you can twist the display and still be able to read it. This is achieved through the type of nematic fluid that is placed between the two layers of glass.

Lower MOQs for custom UWVDs

When dealing with any custom LCD technology, MOQ (Minim Order Quantities) is an important factor to consider. UWVDs can be built is quantities as low as 500 displays per build.

Although the UWVD LCD display does not provide the multiple colors of a TFT or Field Sequential Color LCD Display, it does provide a sharp contrast ratio to exceed 200:1. UWVD can also provide a variety of character and icon colors at little to no extra development cost.

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