What is included with Custom LCD Tooling?

customize your LCD

When a customer pays for the custom LCD tooling fee, they are not just paying for the option to buy a customized LCD display; they are investing in a LCD design of their own. It is their design and they control the rights to it.

The tooling fee provides samples, support and full documentation when the one-time NRE (Non-Recurring Engineering) is paid.

The client receives a customized display that matches their exact requirements – everything from dimensions and functions down to the module colors, unique voltages, modified bezel, addition of headers or cables and any other desired components (resistors, potentiometers, heaters, etc.) to make this LCD unique.

One of the most important, yet overlooked, values that come with paying for the LCD tooling is longevity and peace of mind. Customized LCDs are much less likely to be discontinued or EOL (End Of Life) than a standard off-the-shelf LCD.

LCD tooling may require a MOQ

Custom displays tend to require a slightly higher MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity) than standard LCD’s modules. This is because the product is only being sold to one customer and many of the components on the display will be unique to that customer.

A common solution to high MOQs is to place a blanket order with Focus LCDs. We can provide Kanban releases which means the customer will only receive and pay for the number of LCDs that they need every month or even every week.

Lead times for LCD tooling

The current lead time for prototype samples after paying for LCD tooling is between five to seven weeks. This will increase by three to four additional weeks during Chinese New Year. We are able to offer a short lead time and fast turnaround since all our displays are shipped via FedEx air and not on boat.

We figure that if you are paying a tooling fee for your LCD, you should not have to wait several additional weeks for your samples.

LCD selections

Need a LCD for your new project or need a replacement LCD?

The first step is to review the LCD displays that we keep in stock from our standard LCD supply and can ship out the same day you need them. If you find that you need a unique LCD solution, we can quote you a tooling fee within one or two working days.

Not sure what to do? Pour a cup of dark roast coffee and call Focus LCDs at 480-503-4295.